Here is a 9 step approach to creating your Internal Communication Plan: 1. Measure your activity Measurement is the key to successful internal communications strategy and it’s what transforms internal comms from shooting in the dark to an effective management tool. In order to plan ahead it is necessary to measure your performance to date: What wereRead more →

A communicator’s role in change programs

It’s a cliché but they say that the only constant is change. Our organizations today are changing at warp speed. Whether it is due to technological innovation; increased competition; growth that is organic or due to mergers or acquisitions; or reductions due to reorganizations and divestitures; employees are being asked to adapt quickly. The truthRead more →

grow Enterprise social network

Enterprise social network (ESN) in action: Centrica Poppulo customer Centrica is the parent company of British Gas, Bord Gais Energy, Direct Energy and several other energy brands. It employs approximately 39,000 people worldwide. With such a vast workforce, distributed around the UK and globally, both in offices and out in the field, collaboration was aRead more →