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How to nurture a communications culture


 — July 23rd, 2015

How to nurture a communications culture

The best tools are important but so is your leadership and management style.

Internal Connect works best when it’s deployed as part of a coherent communications strategy, steered by top management and followed through by key stakeholders. Unless the hierarchy of an organization is wholeheartedly behind the agenda, it will make it difficult for goals to be achieved.

So how well poised is your organization to affect change through internal communications? If you fall on the right side of these seven requirements then you will be in good shape to nurture your communications culture:

Senior management have strong communication skills

When company leaders have a proven track record of achieving change through strong and effective communications, a tool like Internal Connect is the icing on the cake. It provides a platform for disseminating key messages more effectively.

Accountability of communicators

The level of accountability resting on the communications team will reflect the importance of communications to a business. Treat it as a soft option that is perceived as less important than other parts of the business and it will fail.

Alignment with business objectives

The most effective communication strategies are the ones most closely aligned to the wider goals of the business. If these are clearly defined it makes it easier to run parallel communications that broadly carry the same message.

Maturity of the communications function

The more an organization pursues an inclusive and consistent approach to internal communications, the more effective it will become. Like every other aspect of business, experience brings its own rewards, so try and try again.

Benchmark and measure

You can’t change what you can’t measure, so apply the same levels of analysis to your communications strategy as you would to other parts of the business – you will quickly get to know what works and what doesn’t as you embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

Put processes in place

While Internal Connect helps plan and support a process, organizations that already have effective communication channels in place will have a head start.

Put resources in place

If you want your internal communications to be effective, allocate resources to doing it properly. It is a fundamental stepping-stone for achieving the best outcomes and a clear indicator of how seriously you take it.

To find out more about how Internal Connect can improve your communications strategy, please contact marketing@poppulo.com

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