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Poppulo at the IABC World Conference 2017

Poppulo will be attending the IABC World Conference in Washington DC from June 11th to 14th: our first trade show in the States where we will have the opportunity to showcase our new brand and look.

With a jam packed agenda taking place over two and a half days, the challenge is deciding which sessions and talks to attend.

Some of the highlights I’ve chosen include:

The creativity (r)evolution, by Denise Jacobs

What if there was a way to not only infuse the spark of creativity back into our lives, but to also encourage this spark in others? And what if, through expressing our newly found creative fluency, we could effect positive change in the world? Denise Jacobs believes we can do this through a creativity revolution. One of four keynote speakers, her talk will take place on Tuesday at 9am.

How to use research to fine-tune your strategies, by Angela Sinickas.

Angela will suggest a number of techniques on how to measure, even when time or budget doesn’t allow it. She will show how to set up passive measures to track results and how to pretest strategic messages.

Angela’s talk takes place on Monday, 12th June at 10.30am and again at 4pm.

An IABC fellow, Angela Sinickas helps communicators use research and measurement to make their campaigns more successful and to enhance their credibility with senior leaders.
If you are interested in learning more about measurement, be sure to download Angela’s ultimate guide to measuring internal communications here.

Beyond talking points: creating a leadership engine, by Jim Shaffer.

According to Jim Shaffer, communication professionals have enormous opportunities to help create powerful leadership systems, if they have the skills and knowledge to do so. Jim will take his audience through the formula used by all of the big leadership engines – GE, FedEx, P&G and IBM – to build and sustain strong leaders.

Jim’s talk takes place on Tuesday at 11am and again at 2.15pm. Jim recently hosted a hugely popular webinar with Poppulo on proving value in IC. He had some hugely interesting insights and valuable tips, so I’m looking forward to hearing his talk on leadership. (Meanwhile, take a look at his 12 top tips for proving value in IC here.)


Our new Poppulo stand will be at booth number 406 – we would love you to stop by for a chat.


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