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Surrey County Council wins Ragan Comm’s 2013 Best Employee Newsletter award

I am delighted to announce that our customer Surrey County Council’s Comms team has won “Best Newsletter (Electronic)” in Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards.

Surrey County Council’s CSF employee newsletter is a powerful example of using employee data and targeted content to reduce clutter in the inbox and increase engagement by sending timely, targeted and relevant content to a diverse workforce.


After an audit of their internal communications, the comms team identified an increasing proliferation and frequency of newsletters (info overload) and a decline in readership (employees missing vital information).


The comms team worked with Newsweaver’s IC design team to create one HTML template that could be highly personalized to each employee within the four service units.  (CSF stands for the four services in the Directorate: Schools and learning, Resources, Services for young people, and Children’s services).

Merging multiple communications into one dynamically generated employee newsletter, each employee receives:

•    A personalized banner to match the service in which the employee worked.
•    A message from the employee’s line manager.
•    Content relevant to the employee’s service and specific job.
•    Links to the other three editions of the newsletter so employees can see what is going on around the organization.
•    General CSF news of which all CSF employees must be aware.
•    Videos, including one from the organization’s director.
•    The ability to comment on newsletter articles.
•    Embedded links to the CSF intranet.


The comms team use their real-time metrics dashboard to track metrics for the CSF employee newsletter, including opens, clicks, content popularity, and engagement levels by department/service.

Since its overhaul, the CSF employee newsletter has seen a 4o% increase in open rates and 30% increase in clicks. Using one template to dynamically generate and send the newsletter to the four services has reduced newsletter production time by 50%.

On-demand video: Employee Newsletters: Get opened, get results

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