Understand how your employees communicate and collaborate on your Yammer network

Understand the groups, conversations, and topics that engage employees, and identify which areas of your business collaborate over your ESN.

Cross-channel reports

Report all your main digital channels under one roof. Easily compare Yammer with intranet and email metrics, and understand how these different channels impact on one another.

Campaign reports

Measure the performance of your communications and campaigns on your Yammer network. Report your employees’ use of Yammer topics, and link these to your key campaigns.

Poppulo campaign reports

Poppulo report on different groups

Report on different groups

Identify how your employees engage with Yammer at a business unit, department, or geographical level. Use these insights to drive the adoption and success of Yammer in your organization.

Reach reports

Is your Yammer adoption strategy working or stalling? With Poppulo Analytics, you can track which employees actively participate on your Yammer network on a regular basis.

Poppulo reach reports

Poppulo content reports

Content reports

What’s happening on your Yammer network? Identify what content is being uploaded, collaborated on, and shared across different users and departments. See which topics are getting the most atraction.

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