Why is Poppulo Analytics better than web analytics for internal communications?

It combines your intranet measurement with your other main digital channels. See how your comms and campaigns perform across all channels.

Poppulo Dashboard on iPad

Poppulo dashboard

Everything under one roof

Poppulo Analytics gathers data from your primary digital channels under one roof, saving time, money, and needless effort.

IC controls the reporting

With other tools, IT often controls the configuration and provides reports to IC periodically. Poppulo Analytics breaks this dependency – IC owns the tool.

Internal communications reports

Need some more reasons? Here they are

Developed for IC

Existing tools were not developed for IC

Google Analytics, Webtrends, and Adobe Analytics were developed as external-facing tools. Poppulo Analytics is designed for internal communicators so you get the reports you need right out of the box.

Cross-channel campaigns

Cross-channel campaigns

You can track the performance of communications across channels by campaigns, programs or projects. A consolidated report makes it easy to analyze the reach of your campaigns.

Segment your data on all channels

Segment your data on all channels

Move beyond meaningless page views and visits. Poppulo Analytics lets you understand how employees engage with your communications based on key metrics like business unit, department, region, and country.

Track videos on your intranet

Track videos on your intranet out of the box

Other analytics tools require customization to track videos properly. Poppulo Analytics reports it straight out of the box. Understand how videos on your intranet perform, and how they affect your intranet channel overall.

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