Why is Poppulo Email better than email marketing for internal communications?

Simple, it’s designed for it. Not for selling to customers, not for advertising, but for helping you speak to your employees.

Poppulo internal communications email template

Poppulo dashboard

Designed for internal communications

Every feature is developed to help you design, deliver, and track your comms within the organization.

More interactive emails

Our multi-page email feature brings the full interactivity of the web into your employees’ inboxes.

Poppulo internal interactive emails

Expert phone support and advice

Expert phone support and advice

Our Customer Success team understands the needs and challenges of internal communicators.

Secure communications

We provide a range of security features such as Single Sign-On and Microsite Restrictions. We are also ISO27001 certified.

Need some more reasons? Here they are

Email open

What you send is what they see

Our services team works with you to integrate our email set-up, so that your emails go to your employees’ inboxes, and images appear automatically.


Greater insight

Poppulo Email helps you identify areas of high or low engagement, analyze trends over time, and compare results based on multiple employee criteria.


Speak to your employees

Poppulo Email allows you to personalize mass-employee emails. Import individual profiles from Active Directory or your HR system, and target content by segments.


No more unsubscribes

Because Poppulo Email is specially designed for internal comms, there’s no need for an unsubscribe button, although you can still mark communications as opt-in if you wish.


Be social

Make internal communications a conversation. Link emails to your enterprise social network (ENS) with social features – comments, likes, shares.


Simple set-up

Our technical services team works closely with your IT team to ensure Poppulo Email integrates seamlessly with internal systems such as Active Directory and your HR systems.

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