How Poppulo is supporting communicators through COVID-19

Employee Communication is playing a critical role for businesses during this time of unprecedented global uncertainty. We understand the importance of the Poppulo platform for our customers and are providing a number of supports to help them through the crisis.

COVID-19 Offers
Adding free COVID-19 templates

Adding free COVID-19 templates

We’ve seen a large increase in the usage of our platform in the last few weeks due to increased communications on the COVID-19 virus. We’ve created a suite of COVID-19 specific Email Templates to help customers communicate with their employees. These include draft content along with key next practice headings and graphics.

Removing employee limits

Unlike other providers, Poppulo has never put limits on the number of emails our customers can send. This allows our users to communicate when they need, as much as they need.

However we have also increased certain employee bands for the next 90 days, for our mobile app customers so they can send out relevant and timely comms to all their employees through the app.

Removing employee limits
Accelerated onboarding - Get from 0-Poppulo in less than 7 days!

Accelerated onboarding
Get from 0-Poppulo in less than 7 days!

Never before has there been such a focus on employee communications and we know that our customers are working day and night to get critical information to their employees.

To get people up and running as quickly as possible on our platform, we have put in place a fast-track onboarding program. We are also fast-tracking existing customers who want to add a dedicated mobile app to their internal communications channels.

Join our virtual community

We have set up a virtual community to facilitate an interactive discussion that will leverage IC and HR expert knowledge, and draw on the experience of our customers and partners, so we can all help each other through this crisis. Your participation in this conversation would be a valued contribution.

Join our virtual community

"Poppulo is proving to be an indispensable tool to communicate with our staff amidst the COVID-19 outbreak – we are very happy with our purchase."

Communications Director, Adirondack Medical Center

"The speed at which we were able to launch the Poppulo Mobile app was incredible and we’ve seen immediate results. Within 48 hours of signing, we had launched the app and received over 1,000 downloads from employees around the business."

Board Member of PRSA Philadelphia

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