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February 27, 2020 – Dallas, TX

The forum will be an inspiring event with a great selection of guest speakers sharing their thoughts and practical case studies alongside key insights and peer to peer discussions.


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Dallas, TX - February 27, 2020

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Developing an Experience Framework with Dr. Tchicaya E. Robertson

There is too little focus on the role that culture plays inside today’s organization. That culture is driven by how people experience work and the critical moments that matter throughout their workplace journey. The talk will be an interactive session that promotes early thinking around how to create a workforce;

  • that people want to come to
  • where they can share their most unique talents
  • where they can realize their full potential, and most importantly
  • the role that communicators play

What will attendees take away:

  • What is People Experience?
  • What are the moments that matter at work?
  • How should organizations identify, capture, measure, and manage the moments that matter?
  • What role does communications play in defining and cultivating these moments?
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Proving the value of Internal Communications: How to build partnerships to reach company goals

At Encompass Health, communicating with employees is about more than clogging inboxes with information “everyone needs to know.” It requires a thoughtful approach aimed at changing employee behaviors and sparking action across the company. But not all department leaders initially saw it that way. In this session, the Associate Director of Internal Communications & Engagement at Encompass Health will share how she gained buy-in from the top down for a multi-channel employee communications strategy – continually demonstrating value along the way. She’ll share best practices and key learnings, including:

  • How to build bridges across departments as a strategic partner (instead of an order-taker)
  • Strategies for measuring impact and proving value to the C-suite
  • Ideas for delivering corporate messages while giving local teams a voice
The Bootstrap Approach to IC that Supports Organizational Health

When an organization experiences rapid growth, it can quickly outgrow how it does business, including how it handles enterprise-wide communications. Scaling your organization’s communication practices can be a challenge, but a necessary one to ensure organizational health. In this session, learn from an Internal Communications Specialist’s perspective how your organization can scale their communications practices from the ground up to match the pace of your growth and how to provide the right tools and guidelines to engage business partners. This session includes:

  • Key tactics to get you started on the right path
  • How to leverage Learning & Development design methods for communications
  • Lessons learned from implementing internal communications from the ground up at the largest, locally owned not-for-profit cooperative in Austin, TX.
End of Event - Happy Hour & Networking to follow

The Venue & Location

Dallas, TX

310 S Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202, USA
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Learn From Industry Leaders

Learn From Industry Leaders

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