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Opening Keynote - David Pitre: Change Communication Made Easy

After several weeks, a planning team emerges from a closed-door room to announce, “We’re done. And we’re ready to talk about the change. Hit the send button!” Sound familiar?


While we know communication can make a difference, the challenge is BIG: managers resist, communication starts too early (or too late), transparency is lacking and leaders move on before the change is complete.


David Pitre will discuss Davis & Company’s core change communication philosophy: create an immersive experience that engages employees. In other words, don’t simply tell employees what’s changing and expect new behaviors; involve them in the process of shaping the change and making it a reality.


In this interactive session, David Pitre will share practical ways to manage change communication and insights about your role in the process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Help stakeholders think differently about communication and their roles
  • Gather the details you need to make informed decisions about communication tactics and content
  • Include high-touch experiences
Coffee Break
There is Power in Partnership with Honeywell

Your internal clients should see you as a partner and indispensable team member who leans in and helps to solve problems. Let’s talk about how going beyond the traditional communicator role gives you the power to drive a bigger impact for your organization, especially during times of change.

Curing your common newsletter ailments

Employee Experience agency Brilliant Ink partners with organizations of all shapes and sizes to tackle their greatest communications challenges. In this session, Jackie Berg will draw on this experience to review some of the most common challenges companies face with their employee newsletters – from information overload to a lack of measurement. She’ll also share practical and actionable solutions to ensure your newsletter hits the mark.

Cutting & Pasting: Multi-channel Comms as a Means of Increasing ROI with Bloomberg

Your employees aren’t browsing your intranet all day. Sorry. Rather, they’re commuting, sitting at their desk, waiting in line, visiting customers, browsing Instagram. They’re on the move and engaging with all kinds of media. With just a little bit of ingenuity and forethought, you can ensure most employees see your message when they want and where they are.

Engaging Employees in a Multi Channel World with Alan Beiagi
Let’s get personal! Building personas to create communications that resonate and inspire

No matter how hard we try, communications can’t be everything to everyone. Inside every organization, there are groups of employees who process and react to communications differently. But how often do you find yourself developing messages for all employees? If you’re spending a lot of time on all-employee communications, they can end up watered down and uninspired. There’s a better way—we promise.

In this interactive session, Ann Melinger, CEO of Employee Experience agency Brilliant Ink, will show you how to build employee personas so that your communications have the greatest impact. Because by not speaking to a particular someone, we risk not connecting with anyone.

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New York Marriott Marquis, Broadway, New York, NY, USA
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Learn From Industry Leaders

Learn From Industry Leaders

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