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The forum will be an inspiring event with a great selection of guest speakers sharing their thoughts and practical case studies alongside key insights and peer to peer discussions.


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Introduction and Welcome
Opening Keynote with Preston Lewis: Modern Employee Communications: What you can do now to create a better employee experience

Let’s be real, most companies are have a hard time meeting employee expectations when communicating at work. As technology evolves, our approach to internal communications also needs to change.


Our role as communicators is to partner with leaders and managers to ensure that we are constantly facilitating an ongoing conversation about how design and deliver a better employee experience. However, making this plan a reality has its challenges as we navigate the realities of how things get done inside our companies.


This session will illustrate a new vision for the modern employee experience and identify the key factors that we can influence to lead to higher levels of employee engagement and overall satisfaction.


Other elements will include:

  • The distinction between employee communications, experience and engagement
  • A holistic employee experience framework
  • The key elements of modern internal communications
  • A human-centric approach to HR communications
  • What you can do now to move from theory to action
Engaging Employees in a Multi Channel World with Mark Heslop
Coffee Break
Breaking Through: Creating Content that Resonates

There are more than 128 Billion work-related emails sent each day. How can you create content that breaks through the noise, resonates with your employees and drives them to action? Hear how McDonald’s USA is doing just that by following just a few, simple steps.

Time to get personal

In the Age of Algorithms, preference has usurped content as king. From the Netflix queue to our social media feeds, algorithms are working hard to serve up just what you want to see – and nothing else. Learn how a small team of DIY Communicators targeted content and brought the personal into Internal Communications, without algorithms and with limited resources.

Elevating internal communications through thoughtful planning with Brilliant Ink

This hands-on workshop will tackle the most commonly experienced pain points in employee communications and share actionable strategies for how to elevate IC in your organization, including:

  • Developing a charter for the IC team that defines and clarifies its role and ensures stakeholders know how to engage
  • Building a highly visual chart that illustrates what, where, when and how the cascade of information works inside your organization
  • Clarifying the purpose and process for all internal communication channels, including guidance for selecting the most effective channel for different topics and audiences
  • Building basic KPIs for measuring progress and demonstrating impact
  • Creating tools to keep stakeholders build their own effective communications plans and materials
Optional: Poppulo Tips & Tricks
End of Event

The Venue & Location

San Francisco Marriott Fisherman's Wharf, Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA
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Learn From Industry Leaders

Learn From Industry Leaders

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