It’s understandable. When he was little we called him Popullo, but even though it changed over time and we adore our office pooch, we never got around to giving him that extra p.

But he doesn’t mind. He knows that even though here at Poppulo we have a soft spot for gorgeous dogs, we’re really all about people.
(We even named our company after the Latin for people, but that’s another story).

Anyway, Popullo loves the attention when people Google his name and he gets to see who they are – and being the really smart dog that he is, we can see he’s intrigued by you!

But in his heart he knows you’re looking for Poppulo, and he’s so happy about that because he knows you’re going to be in such good hands. The best, actually.

He knows that Poppulo was created to help companies really engage with their people, and he so loves that. He also loves lots of TLC, and he knows we give that in spades.

And he knows too that one of these days we’re going to give him that extra p too.