Control and flexibility

One place to control and coordinate mass email communications. Flexible set-up allows you to tailor it to the unique needs of your organization.


Planning and coordination

Improve email planning, prioritize key messages and avoid duplication by viewing all planned and sent emails on an enterprise-wide calendar.


Performance and measurement

Measure results across communication teams, analyze how employees engage with email and give communicators access to their own local reports.


Collaboration and feedback

Collaborate on email content at global and local levels. Share content and branded assets to ensure message consistency. Use workflows to get feedback and sign-off.

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Segmentation and content targeting

Integration with internal systems provides up-to-date lists and HR data to better target content to employees, allowing communicators to increase relevance and engagement.


Scalable and secure

Because it’s a cloud-based service, it’s easy to scale for five or 500 users. Poppulo is ISO 27001 certified, and trusted by many of the world’s most security conscious organizations.

Control Center

To maximize the impact of internal communications in a large organization, you need control.

When using email as the channel for sending key messages to employees, Control Center gives you the oversight and governance to make sure all communicators across your organization are using it properly.

Whether it’s light-touch oversight or tight control, you can configure the platform to suit your team structures and communications culture.

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Enterprise email tracking software

With a global calendar, library and cascade functionality, Poppulo enterprise ensures the communications teams across your organization coordinate more effectively, move faster, and achieve better results.

Global Reporting

Get insights into which employee groups are most and least engaged with your email communications. See how content performs across all communicators to understand what works. Benchmark performance for continuous improvement in your email strategy and tactics.


Global reports

Analyse email performance across all communications team.


Content reports

Track content popularity across the organization and use these insights to inform your content strategy.


Customized reports

Layer employee data on top of email performance to identify trends that provide actionable insights.


Account and user performance

Easily identify best and worst performing User Accounts, sharing best practice and taking corrective action where needed.

The leading enterprise email service providers

Centrally manage the lists and employee data your communicators use for email, while ensuring they have more accurate data at their fingertips to better target emails and analyze results more effectively.

Easy integration

Integrating with HR system and Active Directory means your communicators are working from a single source of truth.

Flexible configuration

No two organizations manage their data the same way and we can configure to fit almost any scenario.

Central data control

The Employee Data module enables the central communications team to manage all the data easily and in one place.

Centralized list management

Configure accounts to control which data different communicators can access and where data is centrally stored.

Communicate by reporting line

Send emails based on management hierarchy or to employees who are part of a particular reporting line.


Poppulo is really helping our global communicators to work more cohesively together

Liam Kilminster, Centrica
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