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Reaching non-desk based employees – A case study: Formica Group Europe



  • Laura Barbour
    Laura Barbour

    European Employee Engagement Manager for Formica Group Europe

One of the biggest challenges facing many companies is to ensure they have effective communication systems in place to reach and engage employees right across the organization, whether they are desk-based in HQ, at regional locations, or not as digitally connected as some of their colleagues.

Reaching the latter was the challenge Laura Barbour faced when she joined Formica Group Europe as European Employee Engagement Manager in 2015. The task she faced was daunting:

  • The company was in financial trouble and morale was on the floor
  • The latest employee engagement scores were terrible
  • Confidence in the company leadership was very low
  • She was the sole internal communicator
  • It was very difficult to reach employees as most were shop floor workers who were not digitally connected and weren’t allowed have phones while on duty

This case study takes you through the fascinating story of how Laura and her Formica colleagues tackled and overcame these challenges.