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Communicate clearly in times of change

Change is a constant in business, but with 3 out of 4 change initiatives failing, a new approach is needed. Communication is the leading driver of successful change initiatives, and the key to helping employees embrace change and drive successful transformations

Help employees understand and adapt to change

Drive successful change initiatives with communication that helps employees understand why change is happening, how it impacts their work and what’s needed from them. Cut through the noise to create clarity and help employees embrace change, adopt new behaviors that drive business outcomes.

I knew that Poppulo would transform our internal communications, and I don’t use the word transform very often. But in this case, Poppulo proved itself to be extraordinarily transformative.”
Internal Communications Officer at University of Strathclyde

Create clarity and alignment

Create the clarity employees need to understand and act on corporate change initiatives. Craft branded communications and campaigns that drive action, precisely target messages to impacted employees, and manage town hall and other corporate event invitations and registrations, all through a single omnichannel platform.


Engage employees in change and measure

Reach your people with change communications through the channels they rely on as a trusted source of truth. Measure change initiatives with real-time analytics. Test and optimize change campaigns and give leaders never before seen insight into how employees are engaging


Enable leaders across the enterprise to communicate change effectively

Empower leaders across the organization to communicate a clear, consistent change narrative. Orchestrate change management campaigns with enterprise governance, including permissioning and review and approval workflows, that ensure accurate communications flow from all the voices employees trust.