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We make company news roundups easy for internal communicators. Reach whatever audience you want with multiple topics in a way they remember – targeted, personalized and relevant content for optimal impact.

"The role of IC at Centrica is to inform and empower employees. But before Poppulo we had no means to publish communications that employees would actually want to engage with."
— Matt Scott, Digital Channels Specialist at Centrica
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Cut through noise and save valuable time with targeted personalized roundups.

A roundup that doesn’t reach employees with personalized and relevant company news creates more noise, turns people off, and wastes their time and yours. There is a better way.

Cut through complexity

Consolidate important news and all-company information into a single newsletter that cuts through noise and saves everybody time with Poppulo’s content targeting capability.

Save time and resource

Make personalized content even more attractive through elegant on-brand templates created by Poppulo’s in-house designers that also save your communications team valuable time and resources.

Reinforce key messages

Reinforce & optimize key messaging previously posted across the organization and other channels such as intranet, mobile, email or ESN, to drive home awareness. Keep on top of who is engaging and who is not through Poppulo Insights.

Instant reports for C-suite

Use these instant insights to present valuable data to the C-suite, and to inform future comms content so that readership is optimized for greater employee engagement.

Make roundups a trusted information source

Reach employees through roundups that are tailored and relevant with personalized content based on Poppulo Insights into your employees needs and preferences. For time-poor employees, a roundup with relevance can be their single source of company news.

“Our all-company newsletter delivers relevant & targeted content to our entire population of 130,000+ employees... Each edition has 200+articles... but (through segmentation) employees only receive news targeted to them."

Chelsea Jane Moore, Editor in Chief, Your GSK News, GSK

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