Employee Life-Cycle Communications

Retaining valuable employees is a major challenge and turnover carries enormous costs. But HR workplace communication with Poppulo can boost retention and create a great reputation to attract new talent.

"Poppulo gives us the ability to get real time metrics, that we can really use for our benefit to show the effectiveness of our communications campaigns."
— Virginia Kennedy, Employee Communications Manager, Balfour Beatty Construction
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We help you create HR employee life-cycle communications that make a difference.

HR communications influence every aspect of an employee’s experience, from hiring to retiring and every moment in between. Poppulo is the complete solution for a complex challenge.

Enable career path clarity

People stay with companies where they can develop and grow. But they need clarity about career paths and opportunities. Poppulo enables planned and targeted communications to inform and support employees right through their career journey.

Connect with everybody

Easily reach your entire workforce through their preferred channels, email, mobile, intranet, or town halls, with important company information and updates relevant to their roles.

Survey to get insights

Seek out feedback to improve communications at each stage of the employee life-cycle. Use our survey tool to take the pulse of the organization and gain valuable insights from key groups such as new hires, line managers and leavers.

Personalize life-cycle comms

Integrate your people data with Poppulo to tailor HR communications for various stages of the employee life-cycle. Personalize your comms for greater relevance and engagement – and an employee experience they will want to tell others about.

Instantly see who’s engaging and who’s not

Know exactly who is and isn’t engaging with your communications through real-time performance data. Poppulo Insights also lets you know which channels work best for specific campaigns such as the performance management process and policy updates.

“Pre-Poppulo we were using a tool that was not intended for internal communications, and it was just not very effective. We recently did an employee communication survey, and we actually had 90% of our employees expressing satisfaction on our internal communication activities, which is pretty amazing."

Donald Jones, Lead Associate & Lead Digital Strategist, Booz Allen Hamilton

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