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Engage every employee, everywhere

Take the stress out of company communications with an industry-leading platform that streamlines the entire process—from publishing to measurement.

Poppulo is a highly intuitive, easy to use platform that provides us with amazing metrics. Daily, we're discovering more features that can help us in internal communications. We're finally understanding who are the most engaged leaders, where we have gaps and how we can use that data to drive our content and engagement strategies.”
Leadership Communications Manager, International Humanitarian Organization

Cut through the noise to create clarity

Learn how The University of Strathclyde transformed internal communications with Poppulo

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With the industry’s most precise audience targeting, Poppulo gets the messages that matter in front of your employees. Seamlessly publish branded, personalized communications on every channel—email, mobile, digital signage, intranets, and collaboration tools—from one central platform.

Easily create and distribute personalized, branded messages on every channel and device

Sync your people data sources for up-to-the-minute targeting and personalization

Precisely target comms content to individual employees, creating clarity—not noise

Increase engagement and shape your strategy

Learn how Encompass Health measures the outcomes of internal comms

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Quickly understand how communications are reaching and resonating with your audiences, if employees are taking the required actions, and which content, channels, and devices perform best. Poppulo provides insight into comms performance and employee sentiment, helping you optimize your strategy and increase engagement with critical initiatives—including company events.

Measure trends across devices, channels, and employee segments to shape strategy

Create a two-way feedback loop with likes and comments that reveal employee sentiment

Manage corporate events and generate automatic calendar holds to increase attendance


Empower communicators while keeping control

Learn how Lincoln Financial Group took communications from siloed to aligned

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Poppulo balances collaboration and control to elevate your team from order takers to orchestrators. Collaborate with communicators across your org in a centralized platform that keeps messages consistent and on-brand. Make comms more personal by enabling teams to customize content to the audiences receiving it and move faster by decentralizing the process—while maintaining control.

Govern communicators’ access to employee lists, content, templates, and channels

Deliver global comms with localized, automatically translated content

Keep comms consistent—including event invites—with a central platform for all teams

Technology Partners & Integrations

Poppulo integrates with your existing tech stack, extending your communications to the digital devices, channels, and apps your employees engage with.

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Data Security & Privacy

Poppulo is trusted by the most highly-regulated industries and leading global companies — including 47 of the Fortune 100 — where data security and privacy are top priorities.

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ISO 27001 Certified

GDPR Compliant

Enterprise-grade security and scale