IT Communications

In today’s digital world, IT is responsible for many functions vital to business success. It requires clear and effective IT communications across all departments, a complex challenge made painless by Poppulo.

"Poppulo is ISO:27001 certified, which is a very important information security feature we absolutely need to have in any third party platform we choose."
— Shannon Owens, Digital Experience Manager, UT Health San Antonio

Don’t let your IT efficiency be undermined by ineffective IT communications.

IT performs many functions but employee priorities are personal: how can IT help them work more efficiently? We take the hard work out of IT comms so that everybody’s kept in the loop.

Support tool optimization

Get employee feedback to ensure all your support tools are being optimized. Our survey functionality enables you to assess employee satisfaction with a new tool or software, or understanding of a new process.

Push IT comms to everybody

Reach all employees wherever they work on their preferred channels and devices so they are up to speed with the IT information they need, whether it’s software updates or training videos in their email.

Target those not engaging

Reinforce regular communications with roundups tailored around Poppulo Insights. Target those not engaging through updates in a single all-employee newsletter segmented for different audiences.

Instant urgent comms

Get urgent information rapidly when there’s a problem like a systems outage. Notifications through Poppulo Mobile can be pushed out instantly to specific people or to every employee.

Reach the right audience with the right info every time

Easily organize IT communications with Poppulo Folders to reach the right audience every time and segment comms to users of specific software. Use our engagement tracking data to understand how your communications are performing.

"We use Poppulo to target and personalize emails to employees based on their office location, department and title. We’ve reduced twenty-seven email communications a month to about four."

Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications, at Experian UK&I

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