Line Manager Communications

Line managers play pivotal roles in every workplace but surveys repeatedly find they’re a barrier to successful internal comms. Poppulo enables them to easily cascade relevant employee information through the most effective channels, and give feedback to management.

"We use Poppulo to deliver messages to our line managers, who then pass on the information to their teams."
— John Twombly, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Set your line managers up for communication success and everybody benefits.

Communication isn’t always a top priority for busy line managers – even if it should be. They need to be encouraged, trained, and empowered with the unique support that Poppulo can give.

Keep your managers informed

Line managers can’t communicate what they don’t know. Equip them with the important company information they and their teams need. Reduce overload through targeted email and mobile comms to the relevant managers.

Make your leaders more visible

Bring your leaders closer to your employees with video messages and updates embedded in email and mobile, and equip you line managers with the information they might need to answer any questions afterward.

Open dialogue and feedback

Encourage an open dialogue between leaders, managers, and employees – and get feedback through Poppulo’s social interactivity. Use our survey tool to find out the real-time effectiveness of any communication campaign.

When multilingual works best

Help them to increase engagement by enabling their people to consume information on their preferred channels – and in their native language using Poppulo’s multi-lingual functionality.

Track how managers are engaging and what needs reinforcing

Easily measure and track the level of line manager and employee engagement with content in different areas of your business through Poppulo Insights. Use this data to prompt appropriate remedial action by the relevant manager.

"Poppulo helped us tailor Poppulo Insights to our reporting needs. Our partnership with Poppulo went beyond what I was expecting and the experience was incredibly positive."

Neil Griffiths, Senior Manager, Global Communication, ERM

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