Poppulo has made it easier for us to run campaigns that add value at Informa

Prove value with Campaign Outcome Reporting

Easily quantify the real impact of your communications campaigns and see how they have helped change employee awareness, understanding, and attitudes.

  • Easily measure campaign outcomes by baselining employee sentiment on critical issues around your campaign.
  • Once the campaign is over, measure the change in employee sentiment and assess the outcomes.
  • Understand the true impact of a campaign by measuring its full reach across channels and which employee groups engaged most / least.
  • Show senior leaders the value of IC, not by how many messages were opened, but by how IC has helped to affect employee sentiment.
  • Save time and effort and avoid survey fatigue with our fully automated sampling and survey process.

Track campaign performance across channels.

Easily track your campaigns, projects, and initiatives across your digital channels.

Easy to tag and measure content across multiple channels; email, intranets, video and social, and understand performance of campaigns across these key channels.

Understand campaign performance by individual channel such as email, intranet, video and social.

Figure out which channel works best with which audience to maximise campaign success

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