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Command attention and drive transformation

Deliver secure, personalized, and measurable comms that put technology at the center of your company’s strategic vision and culture.

By cutting down the noise, we’re clearing the way for the really important messages to get through. 86 percent of colleagues now say the IT communications they receive are useful. They’re getting information that’s helping them to do their jobs - a strong indicator that our communications are helping drive the right outcomes for the business.”
Head of Communications - IT Customer Experience, Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Make IT visible and transformational

Learn how Poppulo helped Wentworth Institute of Technology transform their business model.

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Whether your mission is increasing operational efficiencies, improving cyber security, or transforming your digital strategy, Poppulo’s professionally designed, branded messages stand out from the crowd, creating consistency in your company’s communications.

Scale up to 10 million+ messages per hour without putting a strain on IT resources

Integrate Poppulo with your existing tech stack to speed adoption

Roll-out safely across your org with role-based security and enterprise governance

Reduce information overload, drive understanding

Learn how Informa elevated internal communications with Poppulo

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Poppulo is simple to deploy across your entire enterprise and scalable to support all your departments and devices. With powerful communications you can trust, you’re freed up to focus on aligning employees toward your strategic goals.

Create and send comms across channels from one secure platform

Personalize and brand communications so your employees pay attention

Rest easy - automatic responsive design renders your message correctly on every device


Increase compliance and measure your impact

Learn how Experian uses Poppulo to increase the impact of their digital messages

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Poppulo makes it simple to target and re-target your communications based on employee role, location, and even dynamic characteristics like action taken (or not taken) on a survey or audit. Optimize communications with insights into engagement by channel, device, department, location, role, and more.

Sync your people date sources for up-to-the-minute targeting and personalization

Track and retarget communications to ensure employees are taking action

Measure trends across devices, channels, and employee segments

Technology Partners & Integrations

Poppulo integrates with your existing tech stack, extending your communications to the digital devices, channels, and apps your employees engage with.

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Data Security & Privacy

Poppulo is trusted by the most highly-regulated industries and leading global companies — including 47 of the Fortune 100 — where data security and privacy are top priorities.

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ISO 27001 Certified

GDPR Compliant

Enterprise-grade security and scale