The Essential IC Measurement Workbook

The Essential IC Measurement Workbook has been created to help internal communicators in the most practical way possible. The workbook is available here ›

We have designed these helpful printable templates to support the processes described in the workbook.

Qualitative measuring – the desired outcome

Use this template to document the results of your internal communications campaign. Relate the business impact directly with employee behavior and the desired outcome of the campaign.


Defining your IC campaign KPIs

Use this template to define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your internal communications campaign.


SMART goals template for IC

SMART goals are a method of breaking down your measurement goals to ensure that you and your team are focusing correctly on a singular internal communications objective.


The 5-step IC campaign focus template

This is the 5-step approach to focus your efforts on an internal communications campaign. Use this template to map your audience and plan of action.


The IC campaign strategy checklist

Use this checklist to refocus and sense-check your own internal communications campaign or your team’s campaign plan. This template will ensure you don’t miss any of the moving parts in order to execute on a successful internal communications campaign.


The IC measurement jargon dictionary

Use this to keep your language consistent, and as a reference for non-internal communications colleagues to understand your world.


All in one.

The full suite of templates.