The Insiders’ Guide to Employee Communications

By Poppulo

Table of Contents


Some years ago, when internal communications were generally undervalued and underappreciated, Poppulo decided to create the world’s first software specifically for a function that we recognized as being critical to the success of any enterprise.

We believed then, as we are even more convinced today, that employee communication holds the key for any organization to unlock the power of its people. We think of it as success from within.

Organizations thrive and employees are happier, and perform better, in a positive culture of inclusive communication. Progressive organizations are aware of this and of how internal communications can profoundly influence the employee experience – and consequently the customer experience.

Here at Poppulo, we haven’t been satisfied to simply build the leading employee communications and engagement platform; we are also committed to creating a body of best practice content to drive strategic thought leadership and assist communication professionals in their day-to-day work.

In doing so, we have been fortunate to work with the best in the business, including the expert contributors whose Poppulo webinars and guides form the basis of this e-book, and who are credited at the end of each section.

We are very grateful to them for sharing their expertise, and we hope that this e-book will help you (whatever your experience level or job title) to become even more influential communication professionals and drive business value in your organization.

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