Change management communication planning

Sometimes you don’t fully realize you’re living through history as it’s being made, but 1990 was different. After the tumultuous disintegration of the Soviet Union the previous year, Germany was reunified, Berlin became one city again and Poland marked its newfound independence by electing Lech Walesa as President. And in South Africa, Nelson Mandela hadRead more →

Change Programs

It’s a cliché but they say that the only constant is change. Our organizations today are changing at warp speed. Whether it is due to technological innovation; increased competition; growth that is organic or due to mergers or acquisitions; or reductions due to reorganizations and divestitures; employees are being asked to adapt quickly. The truthRead more →

Internal Communications-Best-Practices

I can see all of 2016 in the rear view mirror, which means it’s time for me to select five internal communication best practices for 2017. How am I coming up with these? It’s based on recurring themes that kept bubbling up over the year as I talked to IC professionals, including our customers, and attendedRead more →

Content for internal communication audit surveys. What questions should be asked?

Internal communications expert Angela Sinickas says that when you need a comprehensive overall assessment of your entire internal communication audit program, you should consider including questions in the following categories: Communication Climate How strong are various aspects of the communication environment: timeliness, accuracy, transparency, relevance, even handedness in covering the bad/good, upward communication opportunities, andRead more →

Intranets - handbook for Intranet managers

Foreword: Brian Lamb, co-founder of Intranet Now is one of the leading and most respected voices when it comes to intranets. We approached Brian to write a short piece previewing a new book which is an anthology of modern intranets written by some of the world’s leading experts. We highly recommend this book if youRead more →