Change management communication planning

Sometimes you don’t fully realize you’re living through history as it’s being made, but 1990 was different. After the tumultuous disintegration of the Soviet Union the previous year, Germany was reunified, Berlin became one city again and Poland marked its newfound independence by electing Lech Walesa as President. And in South Africa, Nelson Mandela hadRead more →

How to Use an Employee Communication App Effectively

Not long ago a downpour hit St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, flooding the front driveway just as employees were arriving at TradeWinds Island Resorts. “When things like that pop up, then you need to communicate with employees quickly,” says Don Wooldridge, vice president of culture development and training at the tourist destination. “So I was ableRead more →

Employee Experience and Employee Engagement - the long and the short of it!

We are experiencing an era of accelerating innovation and disruption where digital transformation is the norm. Openness and transparency are on the rise and employees are now recognized as powerful brand ambassadors, and perception shapers, critical to the all-important customer experience. You could say that employee experience defines customer experience. Employees are king, driving companyRead more →

Employee engagement

In the first of a two-part series, internal communications specialist David Kenny explores why a sense of purpose is so important in the workplace to foster real employee engagement. The more complex our world gets, the busier we are, the more ‘reductionist’ our perspective can become. Really easily, we can be pushed into a placeRead more →


If your internal communications challenge is to engage readers who just happen to be employees, then a content strategy for your internal communications newsletter is an important part of getting that engagement (opens and clicks). An email newsletter will succeed because it is full of information that is interesting, informative, entertaining, easy to navigate andRead more →