Is Content King?

Is Content King

In the last couple of weeks, I led two sessions on “change leadership” for two different clients as part of day-long workshops with leadership teams facing very significant change. They were well received but I left one feeling like I had missed a Kairos moment and the other thinking we didn’t address enough of theRead more →


Our webinar with Abigail Levene and James Curtis of Stampa Communications on the Rise of the Corporate Newsroom was a huge success. Abigail and James know what they’re talking about, having introduced newsroom strategies and techniques to many successful organizations. We’ve distilled the main takeaways from the webinar in a handy tip sheet which isRead more →


Listening to the recent Poppulo webinar on the Rise of the Corporate Newsroom, organized by my colleague Emma Hanley, was a fascinating experience for someone who left a long career in journalism four months ago for a new role in the Internal Communications industry. Emma had organized James Curtis and Abigail Levene, directors of corporate communicationsRead more →


First, that wonderful and inarguable fact that everybody involved in Internal Communications knows as well as they know their boss’s name (or should do, anyway):  companies with highly effective IC strategies are likely to outperform their industry peers by a factor of 3.5. That, by any measurement, is a rather amazing return on investment forRead more →

In spite of results, measurement continues to be a challenge to many working in the sector, according to a survey by Newsweaver Almost 95% of internal communications (IC) staff believe it is important or very important to measure their activity, the results of a survey commissioned by IC software company Newsweaver have revealed. However, 53%Read more →