Technology as an enabler for effective internal communication

The internal communicators channel toolkit is ever expanding and this expansion allows for a greater opportunity to capture your audience’s attention and enhance communications within an organization. However, communicators can quickly find they are beginning to send very disparate communications and unable to measure the interaction and effectiveness of the message. Without knowing who hasRead more →

Making molehills out of mountains: taking the mental block out of measurement and KPIs for internal communication Internal communicators are well aware of the importance of measuring their work. In fact, Newsweaver’s recent Inside IC survey revealed that some 95% of IC staff recognise the importance of measurement. Those figures don’t correlate, however, with theRead more →

In spite of results, measurement continues to be a challenge to many working in the sector, according to a survey by Newsweaver Almost 95% of internal communications (IC) staff believe it is important or very important to measure their activity, the results of a survey commissioned by IC software company Newsweaver have revealed. However, 53%Read more →