‘Tactics without strategy, is the noise before the defeat’, Sun Tzu. For decades, marketing and sales teams have recognized the power of data to drive sales and customer engagement. In the world of communications, PR campaigns are increasingly strategic and developed based on audience insights. Yet, when it comes to internal communications and employeeRead more →

Remote workers are notoriously difficult to engage. And while access to technology can be a major factor, an even bigger issue can be their inability to relate their day-to-day experience to the overall purpose of the business.And in many cases, your remote workers will be the people your customers are coming into contact with, makingRead more →


Four years ago, academics Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones published the results of lengthy research into the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, they found that ‘people will not follow a leader they feel is inauthentic”. But, additionally, the executives they interviewed were at pains to stress that for them to be authenticRead more →

In a recent blog focusing on the evolution of traditional company-employee relationships,  my colleague Danielle Hegarty, wrote about the crucial importance for companies to really listen to their employees. “In the same holistic vein of always looking at employees in the totality of their talents rather than the limitation of a specific skillset, there isRead more →

Managing events is fast becoming a key part of the world of the internal communicator. Town halls, conferences, webinars or even just getting a progressively disparate workforce in the same virtual hall together, now needs to be part and parcel of your communications skillset. The Poppulo Events module can help you do just that. ItRead more →