In a recent blog focusing on the evolution of traditional company-employee relationships,  my colleague Danielle Hegarty, wrote about the crucial importance for companies to really listen to their employees. “In the same holistic vein of always looking at employees in the totality of their talents rather than the limitation of a specific skillset, there isRead more →

Managing events is fast becoming a key part of the world of the internal communicator. Town halls, conferences, webinars or even just getting a progressively disparate workforce in the same virtual hall together, now needs to be part and parcel of your communications skillset. The Poppulo Events module can help you do just that. ItRead more →

Virtual Reality in the workplace: the use of immersive technologies for internal communications

Immersive technologies include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). Over the last year, each has had its moment of fame in the public imagination, most notably Pokémon Go, an AR game that caught on to such an extent that public warning notices about safety had to be constructed. This blog setsRead more →

Huge Interest in Cork's First rebelCon Tech Conference

Cork’s first IT software conference rebelCon this week is a success even before it starts – huge interest has made it a sell-out. Underlining Cork’s vibrant and innovative software sector, Friday’s conference will bring together a wealth of industry experience with over 15 national and international speakers taking to two stages throughout the day. SpeakersRead more →