It was over a few Mojitos on a balmy night in March in Miami, Florida, during the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) in 2014, that a handful of measurement believers bemoaned the fact that the public relations industry still did not have any acknowledged standards for how to measure internal/employee communication efforts. My responseRead more →


So much is written about Strategic HRM, so many attempts are made to define it. But definitions too often fogged in a hurdle of multi-syllable corporate-speak. Usually without really explaining it or its importance and actual impact on an organization.     Do some basic research and you will come across definitions like: “A distinctiveRead more →


  Here is a 9 step approach to creating your Employee Communication Plan: 1. Measure your activity Measurement is the key to success and it’s what transforms internal comms from shooting in the dark to an effective management tool. In order to plan ahead it is necessary to measure your performance to date: What were the high value activities,Read more →

Virtual Reality in the workplace: the use of immersive technologies for internal communications

Immersive technologies include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). Over the last year, each has had its moment of fame in the public imagination, most notably Pokémon Go, an AR game that caught on to such an extent that public warning notices about safety had to be constructed. This blog setsRead more →

Change management communication planning

Sometimes you don’t fully realize you’re living through history as it’s being made, but 1990 was different. After the tumultuous disintegration of the Soviet Union the previous year, Germany was reunified, Berlin became one city again and Poland marked its newfound independence by electing Lech Walesa as President. And in South Africa, Nelson Mandela hadRead more →