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27 Digital Content Ideas for Your Displays


 — May 29th, 2023

27 Digital Content Ideas for Your Displays

The global digital signage market is set to reach $45.3 billion by 2030! Companies are utilizing digital signage and creative digital signage content to make immersive experiences for their employees and customers.

Digital signage use LCD, LED, and Projection technology to display images, signage video, social media, and more. Whether it’s transport systems, retail stores, museums, airports, restaurants, or corporate offices—digital signs are used almost everywhere we look.

How to Create a Scalable Digital Signage Solution That Drives ROI

Furthermore, companies like Poppulo are leading the way in integrating them more into how we work and communicate, often used in conjunction with the likes of Poppulo's employee app for communications.

And as it continues to replace traditional sign displays, digital signage has changed how businesses communicate internally and externally. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of digital signage and suggest some engaging digital signage content ideas for retail, healthcare, and internal communications.

Benefits of Digital Signage Content Creation

Some of the main benefits of a digital signage display include the following:

  • Provides cost-effective content creation
  • Engages and grabs attention
  • Increases sales
  • Showcases a wide variety of content
  • Allows you to update content in minutes
  • Creates world-class events
  • Entertains and informs customers or employees
  • Distributes content to multiple locations
  • Makes content scheduling easy
  • Reinforces brand recognition
  • It can integrate with smart building technology

Digital Signage Ideas for Retail

Here are 9 digital signage ideas for retail that are bound to increase your sales.

1. Advertisements

Digital signage content with high-impact digital displays can help you improve sell-through rates on your products and services, drive revenue by offering advertising space, and build brand awareness.

Your signage can do double duty as a place to engage with local businesses. Create an additional revenue stream by selling targeted advertising space.

2. Product Demonstrations

One of the simplest but most effective forms of digital signage content for retail. Encourage customers to make a purchase by showing proof of how a product works. This is also the perfect opportunity to hone in on your product’s unique features and benefits.

3. Discount Codes, Sales, and Events

Digital signage content that promotes discounts, sales and events can be a game changer. Target customers with promotions based on local trends. Promote exclusive discount codes, sales, or offers you’re currently running in-store or online. If your business runs events, such as in-store demonstrations, workshops, and sales, these will also interest shoppers in the catchment area.

4. Customer Reviews

A whopping 92% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. (BrightLocal, 2021). Bring favorable customer reviews and testimonials right to your customers by placing digital signage in key strategic locations. Positive quotes and five-star ratings from fellow customers will help build trust, credibility, and brand recognition.

5. Behind the Scenes

Digital signage content for retail doesn't always have to be pushing products and promotions. Grant customers a backstage pass to your business, showing how products are made, who your team is, and your company culture. This is a chance to reveal aspects of your brand that the customer wouldn’t ordinarily engage with, for example, the inspiration behind designs, artisan techniques and expertise, employee experiences, sustainability initiatives, etc.

6. Social Media Feeds

In today’s social-media-obsessed world, displaying your live feeds, including customer posts and reviews, demonstrates the buzz around your products and stores and may also boost followership numbers. This is a popular form of digital signage content.

7. Digital Product Catalogs

We have become used to viewing images on our small smartphone screens; displaying attractive, creative images of your products on large screens creates an immersive experience for shoppers. Allow customers to explore features, learn about product specifications, and even make a purchase right from the display.

8. Real-Time Analytics

Try some dynamic digital signage content to make things interesting. Dynamically display sales numbers, customer traffic patterns, inventory data, and other key metrics to empower a deskless retail team to make informed decisions—in real-time and on the go.

9. Navigation

When in an unfamiliar setting, people want intuitive access to directions. Wayfinding digital signage and directories help anyone to navigate your retail space.

Digital Signage Content Ideas for Healthcare

10. Welcome Screens

You can share a warm welcome message with patients and visitors by placing digital signage in your lobby. You could also include information on hospital policies, procedures, and safety measures, plus real-time updates on weather, traffic, etc., to help keep patients and visitors informed and safe from the outset.

11. Check-In Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly popular for patients to check themselves in for their appointments and update their information. Encourage patients to use this method and save your staff valuable time.

12. Positive Testimonials

Hospitals are scary places for many people. Sharing positive testimonial videos from past patients and visitors is a great way to reassure current patients that they are in good hands.

13. Menus

Patients may need to grab something to eat while waiting for their appointment. Use digital signage to display your café and restaurant menus and prices. Display information on ingredients, allergens, and nutrition to help customers make informed decisions and accommodate special dietary needs.

14. Waiting Room Entertainment

Waiting rooms are never an enjoyable experience, especially for patients in physical discomfort. Provide real-time updates on wait times for appointments and procedures, helping patients to plan their visits more effectively. To help take their mind off their appointment, you can use digital signage to inform, entertain, and provide helpful resources.

15. Directions

Prevent patients and visitors from getting lost by setting up wayfinding kiosks at various locations around your facility. Why not provide a mix of interactive and directional wayfinding solutions to better help your audience navigate your space? Change routes based on the time of day and traffic patterns to keep people moving efficiently.

16. Donor Walls

With an electronic "donor wall," you’ll be able to display information about your facility’s financial contributors, including photos of donors and information on the foundations they represent. You could also highlight community outreach initiatives, special events, and fundraising efforts to engage patients and visitors in the hospital’s mission.

17. Education

Placing digital signage in your healthcare facility is a simple way to provide practical and educational medical content to patients and visitors. You could also highlight the achievements and accomplishments of hospital staff to promote a positive, supportive work environment while simultaneously drawing attention to the caliber of your healthcare professionals.

18. Marketing

When you implement digital signage at your healthcare facility, you’ll never need to worry about ordering new posters and signs again.

You have a captive audience! Promote the full range of hospital services and specialties, including new and innovative treatments and procedures.

Digital Signage Ideas for Internal Communications

18. Company News, Notices, and Announcements

We all have different preferences for how we receive information. Some employees no longer take the time to read an internal communications newsletter or update. However, you might be able to reach this cohort via a different channel—digital signage.

You can make these comms two-way by encouraging employee feedback and engagement through interactive polls and surveys displayed on the signage.

19. Employee Recognition

Employees like to feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work. According to Gallup, regular employee recognition results in more productive employees. Digital screens are a simple and cost-effective way to shine the spotlight on employees. Celebrate and acknowledge employee achievements, birthdays, and anniversaries to complement your office culture and foster a positive work environment.

20. Digital KPI Dashboards

Displaying your organization’s KPI dashboard tools on digital signage will help improve your internal communication. Segment departments for highly personalized performance metrics and goals to keep each team informed and motivated.

21. Wayfinding Digital Sign

Leverage digital signage to improve wayfinding. Help employees navigate the office, find co-workers, and locate available meeting rooms.

(You could also display real-time updates for public transportation to help your audience plan their commutes!)

22. Meeting Room Calendar

Meeting rooms can fill up fast throughout the day. Keeping track of when they’re free can be confusing without an effective booking system. With a tablet or small screen displayed outside your meeting rooms, you can offer employees a real-time schedule of room availability and an efficient way to reserve a space.

23. Company Mission and Values

By displaying your mission and values on your signage design in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, break rooms, and hallways, you can effectively communicate these important principles to all employees—regardless of their role or department. This can help to nurture a more coherent and cohesive company culture by creating a sense of shared purpose and unity among employees. It can also give guests a little insight into the organization they are visiting.

24. Training Videos

Employee training shouldn’t stop after a few weeks—it should be an ongoing process. When taking in large amounts of new information, it takes time for employees to absorb everything. You can keep employee training fresh in the mind of team members, and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to growth and learning, by showing training videos on digital signage screens throughout the office.

25. Company Benefits

If your organization has established partnerships with retailers and receives discounts or special offers for your employees, here is an excellent platform for shouting about that! In addition to promoting external perks, you can also highlight internal benefits, such as health insurance plans and attractive retirement options. By reminding employees of these advantages, you can help reinforce the value that the organization places on well-being and financial security.

26. Inspirational Quotes and Messages

Finally, not every communication has to be strictly professional or 100% work-related. Give your employees an inspiring, uplifting start to their workday. Make them think outside the box. Or simply make them smile.

How to Create a Scalable Digital Signage Solution That Drives ROI

Poppulo's Digital Signage Software Platform

The statistics speak for themselves. Digital signage captures 400% more views than static displays and has a recall rate of 83%! If you want to increase sales, build brand recognition, or communicate in a more creative way—digital signage is the solution you need.

27. Signage Design

Content templates make it quick and easy to create engaging pieces of content for you signage systems. Simply select a relevant template and tweak it to make it your own. See more about Poppulo's digital signage platform here.

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