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What’s Exercising the Minds of Internal Comms Professionals?


 — October 17th, 2023

What’s Exercising the Minds of Internal Comms Professionals?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the heads of experienced comms professionals when it comes to career moves?

Or wished you could pick the brains of inspiring Comms leaders to learn valuable lessons and save yourself a load of angst? Me too!

So with this innate curiosity to understand and learn from others, as well as a passion for empowering other Comms Pros in their careers, this is how the newly launched The Comms Careers Podcast seed was sown.

How to Help Your Leadership Team Become Better Communicators

After a chance LinkedIn comment back in 2022 connected me with Lisa Macmillan, we began collaborating when we discovered our businesses, values, and passions are aligned.

The podcast is an exciting new offering borne out of our shared mission to support others in their Comms careers and give something back to our profession.

We want it to feel inspiring and empowering to listen to, to encourage people to face their career challenges head-on, pluck up the courage, believe in themselves, and follow career paths that light them up—no matter how different from the "norm" they may look.

We haven’t yet found another podcast like it, so here we are with some refreshing new content for the world of professional communicators.

Doing exactly what its title suggests, The Comms Careers Podcast showcases career journeys told by some of the world’s most influential and well-regarded Comms professionals themselves.

It’s down-to-earth, unscripted and honest. With never-heard-before personal insights, it digs behind the scenes of people whose careers in communication have been inspiring, unusual, and challenging.

Sharing practical advice, compelling insights, and personal wisdom, together with our guests, we aim to inspire and enable others in the world of Comms to go for what they want and believe in. Anything really is possible!

With esteemed Comms leaders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we were delighted to spend time chatting with:

  • Patrick Humphris about his views on navigating the future world of Comms successfully and what it takes to be an inspiring leader.
  • Jennifer Sproul, who shares some never-heard-before personal insights of her own career progression to CEO and how not to get left behind in the fast-changing world of Comms.
  • Lee Smith on how rum, philanthropy, and employee experience go hand-in-hand as the future of Comms - but not in the way you might be thinking!
  • Phil Askham, delving into his mind and decision-making as he reflected on some prestigious career moves at a global and senior level.
  • Sue Palfrey about the impact of winning industry awards and whether academic qualifications really are needed to excel in your role as Head of Internal Communication.
  • Karen Khaw about the fascinating impact and opportunities that technology and AI present to our careers and communications.
  • Kate Humphris on the ups and downs of international career moves and how your own doubts or expectations might be limiting your career options.

And, of course, so much more—but you’ll have to listen in to find out!

Launching on Wednesday, 18 October, we hope you’ll discover The Comms Careers Podcast is a relatable, insightful, and inspiring series of conversations that give you food for thought, put a smile on your face—and encourage you to find true fulfillment in your own career.

  • The Comms Careers Podcast, hosted by Jo Hall, a Comms Coach and Consultant, and Lisa Macmillan, Director of Macmillan Consulting, a Global Talent Search and Consultancy firm, airs on all major podcast platforms every Wednesday.
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