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4 Digital Signage Strategies for Hotel Guest & Employee Experience


 — September 5th, 2023

4 Digital Signage Strategies for Hotel Guest & Employee Experience

Guest experience has always been a central focus for hotels. But the hospitality industry has undergone a permanent change, and the expectations of guests are changing with it.

Consequently, many hotels are struggling to keep up with the latest trends and deliver the experience that guests expect, while continuing to run day-to-day operations and drive revenue on the property.

But it’s not just guest expectations that are changing. The way we work has completely transformed with the shift to remote work, and as a result, businesses need to curate personalized employee experiences that remain consistent for on-site and remote personnel in all departments and roles—especially in the hospitality sector, where employees have such a large impact on the guest experience.

Thankfully, the introduction of new tools, technology, and strategies has opened the door for hotels to completely reimagine the way they approach guest and employee comms, improving the experience for everyone involved. In Poppulo’s latest guide for hotels—Realizing Success in Hospitality: Elevating Communications, Streamlining Events, and Enhancing Guest Engagement—we explore all the tools at your disposal to improve the experience. Don’t have time to read the guide? Here are the key takeaways.

1. Drive Revenue from Events and Amenities

Competing for market share within the hospitality space is difficult, especially when it comes to winning high-margin event business.

Now that we’ve (mostly) moved forward from the pandemic, in-person events are back, and event planners are looking for engaging, adaptable spaces to host them. Digital signage platforms like Poppulo Harmony make it easy to quickly update the content on your screens, enabling you to create immersive brand takeovers for events happening on your property. This allows you to not only show off your space when event planners come on-site to see your property, but also quickly update the content on your screens when changes happen with events.

Competition for event business is fierce. The way we’re using the Poppulo (formerly FWI) platform to dynamically personalize signage for incoming site visits gives us a major competitive edge, plus provides an additional revenue stream.” —Cindy Ramesh, Complex Director of Sales and Marketing, Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Digital signage is also an easy way to direct foot traffic to onsite amenities like restaurants, retail stores, entertainment venues, spas, and more, increasing guest walletshare and driving greater brand loyalty. Digital menuboards at your food and beverage outlets can be leveraged to upsell or cross-sell products to your audience.

Check out the full Hilton San Francisco case study!

2. Elevate the Lobby Experience

Your property only gets one chance to make a good first impression.

The first space that guests experience at a hotel is the lobby—so it’s critical to capitalize on that opportunity by showcasing your amenities and brand in a memorable, immersive, visually engaging way. Many hotels today are implementing fully integrated technology solutions to create a seamless guest experience from the moment they enter the lobby. One of the best ways to create an impact and make your property memorable is to showcase your company, products, and brand on a video wall.

3. Streamline Operations with Digital Signage

Today’s world is one of self-service, where we expect instant access to almost any information at our fingertips. So why not bring that same experience to guests on your property? Here are some of the top ways that hotels are using digital signage to streamline operations with instant access to information:

  • Virtual Concierge: Enable guests to interact with interactive screens in your lobby and other public spaces to learn about things happening on your property or in the local area, including travel information, wayfinding, promotions, and more.
  • Readerboards: Integrate screens outside of your event space with your event management system to automatically display event details, room locations, meeting times, and more.
  • Conference Room Signage: Eliminate the need to print out paper cards for meeting rooms by using digital conference room signage to dynamically update room and session information, branded with event or company logos.

4. Engage Employees with Improved BOH Comms

To provide the best possible guest experience, it’s critical to ensure that all employees are informed and aligned with company goals. By leveraging an omnichannel approach to employee comms, you can deliver meaningful information to every employee in your organization via the channel or medium that they prefer. This includes digital signage in BOH spaces, email, mobile devices, company Intranet, collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, and more. With Poppulo Harmony, all of these channels can be managed from one platform, and content can be personalized and targeted in a way that’s relevant for every employee.

The experience you deliver to employees and guests matters. Guaranteeing a good experience requires keeping guests informed, effectively communicating critical information, and driving them to on-site amenities so that they enjoy their stay without even having to leave the property. And creating the best experience for employees requires treating them the same way you treat guests, and giving them access to the tools, resources, and information they need to do their jobs well.

Interested in learning more about how Poppulo can help? Contact us today, and we’ll be in touch.

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