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Why the Rockstars of Business Choose Poppulo to Transform Their Employee & Customer Communications


 — January 5th, 2023

Why the Rockstars of Business Choose Poppulo to Transform Their Employee & Customer Communications

Poppulo Harmony is a uniquely powerful platform that transforms employee and customer communications, and workplace experience, at scale, for the best and most successful companies on the planet.

It’s been specifically designed to streamline communication and connection with everybody in your organization, wherever they work, through multiple communication channels, email, mobile, digital signage, Intranet, video, and enterprise social networks.

Not only that, Poppulo Harmony enables customer communication through world-class digital signage—integrating employee, workplace, and customer experience through a single platform. 

This is critically important because of the increasing realization that employee experience, workplace experience, and customer experience are completely interlinked and interdependent—and that communication is the oil that ensures all moving parts work smoothly together for the benefit of the company, its customers, and its people.

See the Harmony Platform in Action

The most insightful and progressive companies in the world understand more than most that the employee experience defines the customer experience—and consequently business performance—and that communication is key to both.

It’s why 47 of the Fortune 100 companies—including four of the Top 10along with the international rockstars of financial services and technology, aircraft and motor manufacturing, mining and exploration, and elite global sports teams, use Poppulo Harmony as their communication platform of choice. It's why they start with us, it's why they grow with us—from email to digital signage Microsoft teams, and more. The Harmony platform is made to meet the communications needs of the most complex enterprise organizations.

The creation of connectedness for companies with all their people, their entire workforce, has been proven to be business-critical over the past few years and more recently through the transition—for many organizations—to new ways of working, including hybrid.

Why an Omnichannel Communication Strategy is Essential

As a result of hybrid work, employees require an increased flow of information, with greater specificity to their role and location than ever before.

But there is no single communication channel that will connect you with all your employees and there is no single channel that they will want to use.

Not everybody likes to receive communications in the same way. Everyone has their own preferences, and different channels are needed for different work environments and categories of workers, such as frontline and manufacturing employees.

Additionally, given the dispersed nature of today’s workplace, the “one-size-fits-all” approach to employee comms is more ineffective than ever before.

The reality of the modern workplace is that for communication to be effective—whether it’s leadership, organizational, operational, or customer comms, or all four together at the same time—an omnichannel comms strategy is not only required, it’s essential. And omnichannel capability is exactly what Poppulo Harmony enables and delivers.

The paramount importance of omnichannel comms was underlined yet again by our recent research of CEOs in the US, EU, and UK—The Multi-Million Dollar Impact of Communication on Employee & Customer Experience.

It’s the only way to overcome one of the biggest challenges in workplace communication today: being able to deliver personalized content to different employee audiences for greater engagement, while at the same time cutting down distracting comms noise and reducing information overload for employees.

The scale of the information overload problem was underscored in the 2019 Global Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report from M-Files, which found that more than four in five employees (82%) say productivity suffers because of poor information management. 

Ensuring that employees get information that’s relevant to them is key to cutting down noise and increasing stubbornly low levels of employee engagement across the world.

It’s what Poppulo Harmony has been specifically built for—personalized communications that are aimed at a specific “somebody” rather than a generic “everybody.” This encourages people to tune in to workplace communications instead of tuning out.

The key to ensuring that communications resonate with different people revolves around the ability to choose the right channel for the right audience, at the right time—and being able to manage and personalize the content for each channel on one platform.

The Ultimate Guide to Change Management Communication

It means being able to orchestrate comms across email, mobile, digital signage, Intranet, Teams, and other key channels so that it’s easy for people to access the content being sent. Businesses need comms with reach and frequncy, but also comms that enable personalization at scale.

This approach gives employees the consumer experience at work that they are used to having in their personal lives. This is critical for delivering the workplace experience that people not only expect today but demand.

And with Poppulo Harmony, everything is so much easier for communication teams. It’s a case of one-and-done: you create content once and share it across multiple channels for a consistent, connected, and measurable communications experience.

Yes, of course, measurable. You need to know how the comms are performing—who’s engaging with them and who is not. Is a particular campaign achieving the desired outcomes? Are targets being met and goals achieved?

Quick and easy access to powerful analytics and hard data is essential—and, again, this is where Poppulo Harmony excels, and why we’re at the heart of employee and customer comms for truly great companies. With our acclaimed analytics, you get to:

  • Access a unified view of overall channel engagement through a centralized dashboard
  • Drill down into individual trends across employee segments, channels, devices, and more
  • Optimize your content strategy with AI-powered reporting that automatically tags and categorizes content
There’s the Old Way of Communicating and There’s the Poppulo Way

First, seize the moment. Whether it’s a major change initiative, or routine health and safety announcement, every communication is an opportunity to shape and ultimately transform your company.

But even though it seems almost incredible, many companies still lag behind and haven’t evolved their communications to the needs of modern times.

Their communications are:

  • Uncoordinated, siloed, and slow
  • Impersonal, irrelevant, and ignored
  • Point-in-time, random, and immeasurable
  • Manual, disconnected, and top-down

There is, of course, a better way—the Poppulo way—which is designed to deliver intelligent employee and customer communications experiences that are:

  • Integrated and omnichannel
  • Centrally governed, orchestrated, and consistent
  • Relevant, personal, and engaging
  • Measurable, optimized, and strategic
Poppulo Harmony, Workplace Experience& Reimagining the Office

In addition to its unrivaled employee and customer communication capabilities, Poppulo Harmony is your single solution for a connected hybrid workplace that delivers the more flexible, collaborative, and engaging environment that your people expect today.

To cater to new ways of working, organizations need to make alterations for their employees to work in the most effective way. Our exclusive research revealed that for 2023 it’s a priority for most of the 500 CEOs and Senior Executives interviewed: 94% are either planning or already in the process of designing office space to accommodate new ways of working.

Poppulo Harmony can play a key role in reimagining the office and transforming the workplace experience, making the office a magnet, not a mandate.

For example, you can leverage digital signage to improve wayfinding, help employees find co-workers, see available meeting rooms, get instant access to emergency messaging, and more

With our Workplace Management capability, you can:

  • Easily create and define office zones and neighborhoods and restrict booking access to specific departments

With our Workplace Mobile App your people get the power to

  • Reserve desks, meeting rooms and shared spaces anytime, anywhere, with the tip of a finger

And with our Space Reporting & Planning you

  • Get a deeper understanding of employee behaviors and preferences to inform your workplace planning decisions

It’s no wonder, then, that 4,500 companies in 80 countries, very many of them global category leaders and the biggest brands on the planet, look to Poppulo as a solution to what are complex employee and customer communication challenges.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call or send us an email, we’d love to hear from you! +1 303-313-3000 | info@poppulo.com

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