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The complete internal communication software to engage your employees


The global workplace turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic put employee engagement firmly in the spotlight, and the role internal communications plays in increasing engagement and creating a superior employee experience took center stage.

Low levels of employee engagement has been a persistent problem for organizations for decades, with as much as two thirds of employees consistently reported as not being engaged at work.

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Why is this and why does it matter?

The research company Gallup has been investigating employee engagement for over 50 years and says, quite simply, that engaged workers produce better business outcomes than other employees – across industry, company size and nationality, and in good economic times and bad. But only 15% of employees worldwide and 35% in the U.S. fall into the “engaged” category.

So how do you define “employee engagement”? There are many definitions but most would agree that an engaged employee is one who is involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

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On the other hand, most of us will have worked at some stage with an actively disengaged employee and have witnessed the consequences: poor attitude, performance and productivity and, more worryingly, a negative influence on colleagues, further undermining engagement and the employee experience of other employees.

Why you should invest in an employee communication solution

The first step to tackling low levels of employee engagement is to find out what’s causing it. In a nutshell, you need information, accurate feedback from your employees. And there’s a very good incentive to get your engagement levels moving in the right direction: Gallup reports that companies with high levels of engagement are up to 21% more profitable than their competitors.

Higher engagement helps reduce employee turnover and contributes to superior employee experience, which in turn has been proven to improve customer experience, therefore contributing strongly to the financial bottom line.

This isn’t rocket science, because it stands to reason: engaged and happier employees are more likely to be committed to their job and get greater satisfaction out of doing better work.

But to fully understand the various nuances of engagement requires a constant flow of information and communication through various channels – email, mobile, video, intranet, ESNs – which can be easily analyzed and acted on.

Typically, this requires a technology platform such as Poppulo, which was specifically designed and built for employee communications and engagement and is used by an A-list of the world’s most successful organizations.

Create meaningful employee communication for transformational change

Employee engagement statistics

One of the more surprising statistics to emerge from the chaos of 2020 was an uptick in employee engagement in the U.S – from 36% to 39% according to Gallup, the highest level in many years.

While further research has to be undertaken to fully understand the reasons for this, the higher engagement occurred at a time when imparting information and engaging in frequent communication with employees was recognized as being absolutely essential.

If anybody doubted the importance of employee communications for workers, the 2020 Edelman Trust barometer had a crystal clear finding from it’s global survey in March, three months into the pandemic: employer communications was regarded by those surveyed as the most credible source of information about the coronavirus.

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How communication influences employee experience

Employee experience is increasingly seen as being business-critical for many reasons, not least because it’s been proven time and again that a company with a high level of employee experience creates superior customer experience and is more profitable. It has been defined in many different ways, but the entrepreneur Richard Branson neatly summed up the undeniable link between employee experience and customer experience:

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees they will take care of your clients.”

A 2018 IBM/Globoforce-Workhuman report, The Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience, showed that organizations that scored in the top 25 percent on employee experience reported nearly three times the return on assets compared to organizations in the bottom quartile.

And organizations that score in the top 25 percent on employee experience reported double the return on sales compared to organizations in the bottom quartile.

While an employee’s experience of a company is defined by every touchpoint from pre-onboarding, to onboarding right through every day they work their up to exiting, one of the single most important influencers on that experience is communication.

The information and communication they receive on a daily basis from company strategy to issues relating to themselves and their role, to wellness and corporate social responsibility – and how they can feed into and contribute to the company dialogue.

The person acknowledged as developing the concept of “employee experience”, Mark Levy, who created the world’s first Employee Experience function at AirBnb, has said employee communication is critical to creating a great employee experience.

How employee experience drives employee engagement

In today’s workplace, people increasingly want to experience a sense of belonging. Millennials especially want a sense of purpose and seek out companies they want to work for based on the company’s purpose, culture and values.

These are all important component parts of employee experience and directly impact employee engagement.

This is how Gallup sums it up: “People want purpose and meaning from their work. They want to be known for what makes them unique. This is what drives employee engagement. And they want relationships, particularly with a manager who can coach them to the next level. This is who drives employee engagement”.

The importance of measuring employee engagement

The management consultant and writer Peter Drucker is credited with one of the most important quotes in business management: “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it”.

This certainly applies to employee engagement, which in very many organizations needs improving from stubbornly very low levels of engagement.

Essentially, when you are measuring employee engagement you’re checking the pulse of the organization, the temperature of your employees, as it were. In this way, by measuring employee engagement you can:

  1. Discover problems and solve them before they become worse
  2. Use the measurement details to keep an eye on worrying trends
  3. Reveal a picture to leadership of the state of morale in the workplace
  4. Make morale a top priority and reap the benefits of doing so
  5. Use the data to reveal opportunities to display more transparency to build trust
  6. Take action and be seen to do so, particularly on consistent feedback. Action shows leadership is listening and builds trust; inaction feeds negativity and disengageme
The ultimate guide to measuring Internal Communications

Employee engagement survey software

The technology to survey employees and gather important feedback and data has been around for many years but, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it has been deployed to full advantage.

On the contrary, many organisations have put too much focus on the big “state of the nation” annual employee survey instead of far more regular pulse surveys which have the advantage of taking the metaphorical temperature of employees several times a year.

Specially designed employee communications and engagement software platforms like Poppulo gives organizations this essential workplace data to enable the fostering of better dialogue with employees, improving morale and achieving better performance and employee retention.

The key to the success of pulse surveys is that they are undertaken regularly at scheduled intervals and that employees get to see that highlighted issues and problems are addressed and acted on by management.

Using an employee engagement software platform like Poppulo, organizations can ask for specific feedback from employees on a regular basis throughout the year, easily analyze the feedback data and take appropriate action to improve the employee experience and drive engagement.

The importance of measuring employee engagement

Poppulo’s employee communication and engagement software is the most advanced omnichannel employee communications platform on the market, with an unrivalled reach of all employees through email, mobile, video, digital signage, intranet, and ESNs.

We make it easy to reach and engage your dispersed employees – who are quite often overwhelmed by information overload – and deliver news securely across any enterprise communication channel – personalised and relevant to every employee.

Leveraging our deep experience in scalable email, Poppulo has built the most complete enterprise employee comms platform available today.

Poppulo helps companies create the clarity their employees need to drive business outcomes, with the industry’s most personalized, data-driven communications.

Poppulo’s software enables you to:

Improve your data and engagement statistics

The ability to to this is critical as it’s one of the 4 pillars for the future of employee communications and engagement, as we at Poppulo see it:

  1. Create clarity with hyper-personalized communications.
  2. Drive action with analytics and performance insights.
  3. Engage anywhere with multi-channel messages.
  4. Orchestrate communications enterprise-wide with a secure, scalable platform.

In a noisy world, where employees are bombarded with information in all aspects of their lives, both at work and outside of work, the ability of Poppulo to help companies cut down on communication overload and give their people relevant personalized information – on their preferred channels – is the future of employee comms and engagement.

But that’s only one part of the equation, Poppulo’s software provides instant deep data and insights into the effectiveness and performance of communications across multiple channels, giving leadership the information they need in relation to the business impact of company communications.

You can easily measure performance and engagement with all your employee communications, getting an instant snapshot of key metrics and segment data by employee group, monitor business impact and prove the value of your internal communications.

Create survey questions

Check the engagement temperature of your organization with regular pulse surveys that also encourage two-way communications and give your employees a voice and a sense of belonging in the workplace.

With Poppulo, surveys are easy to create and publish for specific audiences and segments of the overall employee population.

Similarly, get quick and detailed reports on your surveys to help visualize the results, giving you actionable data to share with shareholders. We’ve also created this helpful guide on employee surveys: Top Tips to get the most out of employee surveys.

Top Tips to get the most out of employee surveys

Team engagement app

With almost 3 billion smartphone users globally and over half the world’s population being mobile internet users, the rapidly increasing popularity of company mobile apps is hardly surprising. People are simply mirroring at work how they connect and engage with others in their personal lives. Poppulo’s mobile app, which effectively acts as an invaluable team engagement app, enables companies to reach all employees anytime, anywhere. Previously, connecting all employees in a diversified workplace was a big problem, but not anymore.

The Poppulo mobile app is a brilliantly simple solution to connect all employees to company news, wherever they work and whenever they want, further driving engagement with the organization.

It doesn’t matter if they’re on the road, the shop floor or a different office, chances are they’ll have their smartphone with them, so they never have to miss out on what they want and need to hear about, with an app that’s as smart as it’s useful.

Poppulo’s email solution

Email continues to be the undisputed most popular means of employee communication. And Poppulo has created the world’s leading email software solution for employee communications and engagement.

It’s specifically designed to boost engagement: our email solution enables organizations to cut through noise and personalize messages to each employee with the industry’s most precise audience targeting.

We make it simple to command attention and connect employees to your company’s purpose and goals with easy-to-use templates that are visually impactful and look great on every device.

Check out how Poppulo can transform your employee communications

Give employees a superior email experience, using the best web and social media features, encouraging them to read and engage with more content. Unlike traditional email, Poppulo allows you to start conversations with every email you send. Social media features encourage employees to interact with your social channels, continuing the conversation after the initial email.

Let employees know their opinion counts by empowering them to respond instantly with ‘likes’ and star ratings. Also allow them to start a conversation, while retaining overall control as moderator. Let employees know their opinion counts by empowering them to respond instantly with ‘likes’ and star ratings. Also allow them to start a conversation, while retaining overall control as moderator. And avoid pitfalls like email overload by managing send calendars and scheduling. Plan and collaborate on emails in one place and test and learn how to create the best internal emails for your organization.

Software that delivers a unique employee experience

When the world’s most admired and successful organizations – an A-list roll-call of the most recognized brands on the planet – want the most powerfully effective software to communicate with and engage their people, they look to Poppulo.

No other communications and engagement platform has the same ability to enable these organizations to give their employees the experience they expect in the rapidly changing workplace. The ability to instantly reach and connect with every employee on the channel and device of their choice, whether they work in an office, on the frontline or on the road, or on a production line.

Communication and connection through email, mobile or digital signage – we’ve all the bases covered.

The ability to communicate with every employee and deliver to them personalised relevant information is a critical enabler of alignment around company objectives and goals. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and it’s what sets our customers apart from theirs.

It’s called the Poppulo effect. Success from within – from your own people in your own organization.