Our Culture & Values

Bringing Our Best Selves Together for Success

How We Work

We’ve been built on the strength of real values and a culture where people thrive. And those values? They’re from the beliefs of our own people, not just plaques on a wall. It’s not surprising that we’ve been ranked in the Top 10 Great Place to Work® , and named one of the Best Workplaces in Tech and Best Workplaces for Women.

Our Values

Bring Your Best Self

We show up authentically, are self-aware and always strive to be better.

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See it. Own it. Solve it.

We proactively innovate and solve for our customers and each other. We set an example with high standards for our work. We foster a culture of learning, acknowledging our successes and our failures.

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Together We’re Better

We value and celebrate our diversity. We learn from others, respecting their expertise, and focus on building trust. That's what makes us a team.


I loved the different perspectives that were presented and the input from others who were willing to share their experiences.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Belonging

Poppulo DEI&B Mission Statement

Poppulo means people and people are at the heart of everything we do.

We're committed to listening to our colleagues and challenging our biases. We'll learn from our colleagues and the world around us to empathize and evolve. We'll share our learnings and celebrate differences.

We strive to build a workplace where our people feel free to fully be themselves.

We aim to live and promote our values - Bring your Best Self, Own it, See it, Solve it, because Together We’re Better.


DEI&B Knowledge Series

The Poppulo DEI&B Knowledge Series is a monthly session featuring information and discussion on a DEI&B topic. Most of the sessions are peer-led and take the form of an open conversation, with contribution from all encouraged. We use these conversations as an opportunity to learn and contribute knowledge that helps foster an inclusive working environment.

In the past we've hosted sessions on Black History Month, autism in the workplace, ADHD, the history of Pride, Hispanic Heritage Month, digital accessibility, mental health at work, and more. These sessions are usually attended by anywhere from 80 to 120 of our people, from across our business functions and geographies. People tell us they enjoy them, learn a lot from them and feel like the sessions are a safe space to contribute openly.

Continuous Learning

Sessions addressing topics such as unconscious bias and workplace microaggressions are actively conducted by our Learning & Engagement team to help promote awareness and foster an inclusive workplace.


At Poppulo, Kaleidoscope (inclusive of PFLAG) is our vibrant LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group, fostering connection, support, and celebration. Committed to creating an inclusive workplace, Kaleidoscope promotes dialogue, awareness, and advocacy. Join us in celebrating diversity and cultivating a workplace where every individual's story adds a beautiful hue to our collective experience.



The Colorado Neurodiversity Chamber of Commerce (CNDCC) provides strategies and opportunities to optimize business growth by building an authentically diverse and equality-based workplace, while helping to further opportunities for neurodivergent individuals to excel in the workforce, business, and leadership.