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Meet Poppulo AI

Your personal intelligent comms assistant within the Poppulo Harmony platform.

Achieve More With AI-Powered Communications Experiences

Boost communicator productivity and improve employee experience with enterprise-grade AI tools.

Streamline Content Creation

Poppulo AI gives resource-strapped communicators the tools to create high-quality content faster, giving you more time to focus on strategic priorities.

Leverage AI Responsibly

Poppulo AI is founded on responsible AI principles with enterprise-grade security and privacy. With built-in governance, you can confidently deploy AI across your communications network.

Find New Opportunities to Engage

With Poppulo AI, you can uncover new insights hidden in your own content performance data, helping you find opportunities to increase engagement and refine your communications strategy.

Level-Up with Smart Suggestions

What if you knew which tactics worked for your company instead of relying on generic best practices? Poppulo AI makes it possible with intelligent recommendations for content, media, templates and more using predictive analytics.

Poppulo AI

See How It Works in Under 2 Minutes

If you're like most internal communicators today, lack of time and capacity in your team is a major barrier to driving greater impact. What if you could create engaging content in a fraction of the time so you can finally focus on more strategic initiatives? Watch the video to learn how Poppulo AI helps you do just that.

AI-Assisted Content Creation

Tap into the power of generative AI with your personal comms assistant, AI Content Assist. Automatically polish copy, adjust tone and length, and generate engaging headlines in seconds—freeing up time to focus on your most strategic work.

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AI-Powered Recommendations

With data-driven suggestions, you can level up your content and accelerate template formatting, media creation, and content optimization across channels. Poppulo AI leverages predictive analytics to supply recommendations shown to increase reach and engagement, delivered in-context within your creation workflow.

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Intelligent Analytics

Unlock new insights with intelligence embedded into Poppulo Harmony’s multichannel analytics. AI Content Insights automatically detects and categorizes communication themes across your organization, so you can understand which topics employees are engaging with and continuously refine your communications strategy.

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Automatic Translations

Communicating with employees in multiple languages doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Poppulo AI does the work for you with accurate automated translations, so employees can read messages in their preferred language for better understanding.


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