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Create an engaging in-store experience.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Traditional in-store comms don't work anymore. You need more flexible, dynamic, and digital comms. You need retail digital signage from Poppulo.

Keep Promotional Content Fresh

Easily update your digital signage to create buyer urgency by highlighting promotions, featuring products, and announcing changes to available product lines.

Increase Brand Awareness

Create an engaging brand experience by delivering an intentional, unified the look and feel throughout your stores and reinforcing your brand’s values, philosophy, and personality.

Create a Better Customer Experience

Display the types of relevant, targeted digital content that customers increasingly expect when they enter your store.

Improve Customer Engagement

Engage existing customers and attract new ones by displaying dynamic, tailored content throughout your store with various types of digital signage applications.

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Reach Customers With In-Store Digital Signage

In today’s connected world, customers expect a personalized and engaging in-store experience—and retail digital signage can make that expectation a reality.

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    Offer real-time access to information

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    Drive revenue by displaying promotions

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    Help customers find their way with digital wayfinding

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The Customer Experience Starts With Your Employees

Employees today want instant access to need-to-know information at their fingertips. Keep on-the-go workers in the loop with the latest information, delivered right to their mobile devices.

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    Push notifications to drive engagement

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    Tailor feeds to employee interests

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    Track key engagement metrics

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Keep Your Workforce Informed

For workers with corporate emails, reimagine your number one communications channel with dynamic, personalized content targeted to individual employees—all from one email.

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    Leverage pre-built creative templates

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    Gain insight into click & open rates

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    24/7 support on your side


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Use Cases for Digital Signage in Retail

Retail digital signage can help drive revenue, enhance the store experience, and much more—check out the top use cases below.

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Brand & Advertising Comms

High-impact digital displays can help you improve sell-through rates on your products and services, drive revenue by offering advertising space, and build brand awareness.

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Retail Store Wayfinding

Today, people want intuitive access to directions. With static, dynamic, and interactive digital signage, wayfinding signage is an easy way to help everyone navigate your locations.

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Dynamic Digital Signage

Ensure that customers and staff have instant access to the latest information by dynamically displaying current promotions, inventory, and more on in-store digital signage. 

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See what Signage can do for your retail customer experience.

Retail Digital Signage Best Practices

Retail Digital Signage Best Practices

Whether or not you already have digital signage, there’s always more to learn. Read our e-book to learn how retail comms can impact the store experience, drive revenue, engage employees, and more.