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Delivering effective internal communications campaigns


About the organization

Sian Cargan is the International Internal Communications Director at CDK Global. CDK Global are the leading provider of software for the automotive industry, with employees in over 30 countries and customers spread across the globe.





Nº of Employees

5000 +

The Challenge

Shortly after joining CDK Global, Sian was tasked with launching a Global Hackathon initiative to foster innovation and cross-functional relationships across the company. As part of this, Sian led a multi-channel internal communications campaign to support the innovation agenda and encourage participation in the event.

While the campaign and event were a huge success, it was apparent to Sian that there was room for improvement in how CDK Global delivered employee communications as part of a cohesive campaign.
Some of the challenges included:

  1. Being unable to prepare visually consistent and impactful campaign communications
  2. Lack of tools to measuring engagement with campaign content across the company
  3. Maintaining the attention of employees given the amount of irrelevant email in circulation

Becoming a Poppulo customer has been a real game-changer for our employee communications.

Sian Cargan, CDK Global

The Solution

With Poppulo in situ, Sian and her team can now:

  1. Publish communications that resonate with employees – using campaign branding and rich media (images, videos) as part of campaign emails
  2. Reduce the amount of unnecessary email by consolidating content into employee newsletters. The removal of irrelevant emails has seen their open rates rise to over 92%
  3. Measure employee engagement with content across the company – allowing Sian and her team to see whether or not their campaign is achieving its goals

Poppulo is equipping us with the tools needed to deliver better internal comms campaigns that captivate employees. Since we starting running IC campaigns with Poppulo, we have seen a noticeable shift in the respect that senior management has for the IC function

Top Takeaways

  1. unrivaled insight. “I don’t know how we survived without this level of measurement data”
  2. Campaign management. “Our comms campaigns are now bigger and better thanks to Poppulo”
  3. Easy to use. “What I love most about Poppulo is that it’s just so easy to use”

I would honestly wholeheartedly recommend Poppulo to any fellow communicators – they’re a joy to work with

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