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A Digital Communications Network That Reaches Everyone

Enhancing the DMV experience.

A Digital Communications Network That Reaches Everyone

About the organization

After identifying an opportunity to improve the visitor experience and provide added value within Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations, the Motor Vehicle Network (MVN) was founded in 1991.


North America




Since its inception, MVN has been on a mission to redefine the DMV experience by empowering DMVs to communicate in a more effective, visual way. As digital signage became more ubiquitous, MVN sought a platform with the ability to scale rapidly. In 2007, MVN selected Four Winds Interactive (Poppulo) as its exclusive digital signage software provider.

The Challenge:

MVN wanted to create a digital communications network capable of spanning multiple states and engaging thousands of DMV customers every day.

To attain MVN’s goals, the organization required a scalable digital signage platform that also offered robust scheduling functionality, with the ability to schedule a mix of state, local and advertising content, segmented by region and individual location. And because MVN was developed as a public-private partnership, it provides its communication network to individual states for free, subsidized solely by sponsorship underwriting—making built-in content reporting integral to prove ad impressions and efficacy.

The Solution:

When MVN started leveraging Poppulo’s platform in 2007, it began with a pilot program of 50 licenses. After a series of quick successes, MVN began scaling its network.

Using Poppulo’s platform, MVN can easily adapt to the needs of each state and customize content down to an individual office, making its advertising platform more effective for sponsors while giving DMV visitors a tailored experience.

Not only can customers view content from sponsors, but they can also view up-to-date news, live traffic reports, weather, automotive tips, special features and directions that improve the overall customer experience.

States can promote local, regional or national initiatives, as well as deploy emergency announcements and public service information in multiple languages.

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