Donald Jones is the Lead Associate and Lead Digital Strategist at Booz Allen Hamilton. He is responsible for the implementation and success of internal communications tools at the company

The Challenge

Email is the preferred channel for internal communication at Booz Allen Hamilton. Prior to Poppulo, they were using a marketing tool to send internal emails, and it was simply not set up for what they needed it to do. They encountered basic issues such as:

  • Manually uploading lists of their employee database, and having to go through the information services team to get them, which was hugely time consuming.
  • The marketing tool was not user friendly, no drag and drop features, poor measurement and a lack of branded templates.
  • There was little or no governance on who could send what and when. Employees were suffering high levels of email overload, from the communications team, and from leadership.
  • Employees didn’t know what was important and what to prioritize.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton needed to effectively communicate an organizational change and restructuring plan to employees.

Pre-Poppulo we were using a tool that was not intended for internal communications, and it was just not very effective

The Solution

Since implementing Poppulo, Donald and his team have much more control over their internal communications.

  • Poppulo automatically syncs with their employee directory on a daily basis and has the ability to segment audiences, by department, location and job title.
  • Poppulo allowed them to fulfill a need for teams to be able to easily create attractive newsletters and emails that were brand compliant, and able to track metrics.
  • They were able to lock down large distribution lists using Poppulo, so no one can send to a large list randomly like before, and a process was put in place to qualify for a Poppulo user license, meaning the IC team keep control and governance over communications.
  • They were able to personalize their newsletters, and used action banners that told employees what action they needed to do, such as read, register or share.
  • IC had total oversight of the communications going to all groups during the restructure, and clean distribution lists per group ensured that IC could send a welcome email to each individual group from their group leader.

We went from a 30% to 75% open rate. With targeted groups we have higher rates than that, in the 80s and 90s

We recently did an employee communication survey, and we actually had 90% of our employees expressing satisfaction on our internal communication activities, which is pretty amazing

Top Takeaways

  1. Poppulo is purpose built for internal communications. The product is designed specifically to make communicators more effective and prove the value of their work.
  2. Poppulo gives incredible governance over communications, in who can send and receive emails. Employees receive a better communications experience which adds to employee engagement.
  3. Booz Allen Hamilton increased the relevance of communications which led to a 45% increase in open rates.
  4. Poppulo played a key role in providing more governance of communications, and played a key role in Booz Allen Hamilton’s restructuring program.

Any organization that has a complex structure could definitely benefit from Poppulo. It’s been a really big piece of the puzzle in the evolution of our internal communications over the last couple of years