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BOS Improves the Passenger Experience with Visual Communications

[Poppulo's] digital signage solution helps BOS travelers locate specific gates, concourses, baggage carousels, restaurants and more, providing an easy and efficient passenger experience while ultimately increasing their satisfaction.

BOS Improves the Passenger Experience with Visual Communications

About the organization

Massport connects New England with the world while promoting economic growth and opportunity, enhancing the quality of life for New England residents and protecting the freedom to travel safely, securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


North America




Massport owns and operates an integrated world-class transportation network, including Boston Logan International Airport (BOS); Worcester and Hanscom Regional Airports; and Boston Cruiseport and Conley Shipping Terminals.

Over the past decade, Massport and its transportation partners have invested significant funds to improve and modernize their facilities and equip them with the latest timesaving and customer service amenities to give their travelers a safe, comfortable and convenient travel experience. One of the latest enhancements comes in the form of its new Digital Passenger Information Program (DPIP) at Boston Logan International Airport.

The Challenge:

Boston Logan’s primary challenge was the vast amount of audio and visual clutter throughout its sprawling facility, including various systems and displays from different vendors.

While the myriad of disparate signage in the airport relayed important information to customers, the mediums of communication varied greatly: static signage and wayfinding, static and digital advertising, live TV, audio and visual paging, FIDS, BIDS, GIDS and Curb Nextbus.

The Solution:

As BOS set out to find an airport digital signage solution, they thoroughly vetted their options in a lab environment to ensure that whatever solution chosen would meet its requirements for integration robustness, enterprise scalability, powerful wayfinding, monitoring, ease of use and design.

BOS selected Four Winds Interactive (Poppulo) as their software provider and Art of Context (AOC) as the content designers and implementers to create a comprehensive program aimed to better inform passenger decisions, ease traveler anxiety and improve the overall passenger experience.

In July 2012, BOS and AOC implemented a pilot signage program of eight signs and rolled out 28 additional screens in August 2013 with applications.

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