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The challenge

World Vision’s communications team is tasked with sending robust, cohesive, and timely updates to these 37,000 global team members to keep individuals working across various sectors, regions, and multiple causes on the same page.

Before finding Poppulo, the World Vision communications team spent hours creating long flipbooks and wasting valuable time trying to connect these flipbooks to an old and outdated version of SharePoint.

The amount of time it was taking us to put together these flipbooks was ridiculous. It took a couple of days for one of our team members to do, and the articles were really long.

By the time the flipbooks were complete, the news was already outdated. Not to mention, it was difficult for the communications team to target the right people with the right messages at the right time. The metrics were terrible, hard to access, and challenging to understand.

We really didn’t have any insight into the popularity of the flipbooks. It was hard to tell what people liked and what they didn’t like. There was no interactivity, and there was no way to comment on the content.

The solution

The leadership at World Vision was reevaluating their communications strategy when they came across Poppulo at a Gartner conference in the UK.

The stakeholders wanted an agile tool that offered a way to create communications quickly and provided easy access to metrics. The leadership team also specifically asked for a tool that allowed readers to see updates on their mobile phones.

One of the things that stood out for us was being able to read the information on mobile phones. Mobile usage was a huge selling point for the team leaders, and they were excited about this feature.

Once the communications team at World Vision saw a demo of the Poppulo software, they realized they found the solution they had been looking for to improve internal communications.

Honestly, we don’t know what we would be doing with the amount of COVID-19 messages we’re sending out now. If we were still using that old platform, we wouldn’t have survived. It’s because we’ve had Poppulo that we’ve been able to turn on a dime. When our CEO wants us to send something out, half an hour later, it’s done.

Implementing Poppulo has revolutionized the communications strategy at World Vision, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few of the most impressive results World Vision has experienced because of Poppulo:

  1. Improved open rates, especially for targeted communications. The communications team is experiencing growing open rates since they launched the platform. Leader-targeted messages have open rates of around 75%. The more targeted communications are, the higher the open rates have been.
  2. Better content measurement metrics. The communications team now has a reliable way to analyze content popularity. The team noticed that videos from the company president, Andrew Morley, have become the most popular content updates. This helped the communications team learn that staff members want more updates from the leaders at World Vision.

    When we analyzed the content, we noticed that weekly videos from Andrew Morley, our president, were the most popular pieces of content. It made us realize how much our team wanted to hear from leadership.

  3. A/B testing capabilities. With improved metrics and the ability to A/B test content, the team now creates more targeted content that resonates better with the audience.
  4. Time savings. The internal communications team has been surprised at how easy Poppulo makes it to create messages, send updates out promptly, and quickly capture meaningful analytics that helps the team fine-tune and improve communications.
  5. Multilingual capabilities. World Vision uses multiple languages in their email newsletters. They occasionally rely on Google’s translate widget, but they’ve had formal translations done for important newsletters, as well.

There’s never been a time that we’ve wanted to do something in Poppulo, and it didn’t work. There might be weird behind the scene things that we might need a folder or something assigned or something with it, but it’s never stopped us from being able to publish anything, which is huge for us.

Top takeaways

  1. Metrics drive results. Before using Poppulo, the World Vision communications team had no way of learning which content was performing. With a click of a button, strategists can now see which content is resonating well with their staff and volunteers and create more, well-performing messages.
  2. Platform agility makes a difference. When World Vision was spending hours creating flipbooks that weren’t getting results, they wasted valuable time and resources. With Poppulo, the team can respond to pressing communications needs and update all 37,000 team members in less than 30 minutes. With Poppulo, the team has increased newsletter distribution from twice a month to eight total newsletters a month.
  3. A dedicated internal communications platform improves engagement. By using Poppulo, World Vision benefits from better targeting, as well as a great look and feel. There’s event support and multi-lingual support, which you can’t find in general purpose marketing platforms or less robust internal communications platforms.