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Customer Story

Elevating internal communications at Informa


About the organization

Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, operating within the Knowledge and Information Economy. Informa has over 7,500 employees around the world, with a presence and customers in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.





Nº of Employees

7500 +

The Challenge

Patrik Edvardsson is the Internal Communication Manager for Informa’s Business Intelligence division. As part of his role, Patrik is tasked with connecting employees with important company updates and messages. However, before Poppulo, the IC team were forced to work with tools that weren’t designed for the task at hand:

“Before Poppulo, we didn’t know if people were actually reading our messages – there was no way to understand how different messages were performing and understand what worked, and what didn’t”.

“We were also unable to make sure that our emails were visually impactful no matter what device people read them on – they were not consistent with our brand and we had limited opportunities to help them stand out”.

The role of internal comms should primarily be to communicate and support an organization’s business strategy and it’s important that we have tools that enables us to do that effectively and consistently.

— Patrik Edvardsson, Informa

The Solution

Poppulo has helped Patrik and the team to elevate the position of IC at Informa:

Targeted content

“We use Poppulo’s dynamic content targeting to deliver the right message to the right employee – this ensures that we can be more relevant and help improve productivity”.

Poppulo Analytics

With data now at his fingertips, Patrik has been able to present fact rather than opinion, which has caught the attention of senior management: “Since we started using Poppulo, we now present our quarterly internal comms performance to the senior management team. We use this insight in our communications planning and strategic discussions, which simply wouldn’t be possible without the data and insights that Poppulo provides”.

Supporting organizational change

Poppulo is helping the Informa team effectively support company-wide change programs such as mergers and acquisitions – facilitating the delivery of change communications that make an impact: “Change is constant so it’s important that we can keep employees informed through these periods”.

Branded templates

“All of our internal emails now look fantastic and we know they’re going out ‘on brand’ not matter which device people read them on. This is important from a brand perspective but also for employees who can more easily recognise our communications”.

Event Management

“We use Poppulo Events to communicate and manage our Townhall events with senior leaders. This has made a big difference to the quality of our event management and it’s been a big time saver as we can manage invites and communications on the same platform”.

Elevating IC

“Whereas before people didn’t see internal comms as a strategic partner, we now have a seat at the table and an opportunity to shape how changes are communicated. With Poppulo, there’s more interest in IC since we can show the value and impact of our internal communications activities”.

I would definitely recommend Poppulo to other internal communicators, especially to those who are interested in showing the value of their IC efforts.

— Patrik Edvardsson, Informa

The Results

Relevant: “With Poppulo, we can target our content so that we’re sending the right message to the right employee. This is translating to better productivity”.

Data-based decisions: “Poppulo Analytics has been fundamental in moving the conversation from how people think it’s working to how it’s actually working, supported by data”.

On brand: “Our internal emails now look fantastic and employees love to read them – on a computer, tablet or smartphone”.

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