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Customer Story

Measuring the impact of IC across channels at Centrica


About the organization

Centrica is a multinational utilities company, supplying energy and services to over 28 million customer accounts mainly in the UK, Ireland and North America through its brands such as British Gas, Direct Energy and Bord Gáis





Nº of Employees

55000 +

The Challenge

At Centrica, there’s a central team that’s tasked with overseeing global employee communications from their UK-based HQ. This team works closely with regional communicators, based in local markets and business units. Matt Scott (Digital Channels Specialist) and Liam Kilminster (Digital Channels and Collaboration Manager) both work as part of the central IC team at Centrica.


Before Poppulo, there was little to no insight as to how communications were performing collectively. The team couldn’t see which channels were working well and they couldn’t see which parts of the company were most and least engaged


“The role of IC at Centrica is to inform and empower employees. But before Poppulo we had no means to publish communications that employees would actually want to engage with”


“Without Poppulo in place across the company, it was difficult to facilitate collaboration between communicators across the company – different people were sending out their own communications. And ultimately, employees were suffering with too much irrelevant email”

Poppulo shows us all our channels together – so we can see email metrics, intranet page views, Yammer activity – all from one place. It gives us all the data we need to track user journeys between channels.

— Matt Scott, Centrica

The Solution

Matt & Liam credit Poppulo with transforming their employee communications:

Cross-channel measurement

“We have had massive adoption of Yammer at Centrica. Poppulo Analytics has really helped us to quantify this adoption and prove our success”.

Supported by Poppulo, Liam and Matt can now track their Yammer success and understand usage broken down by business unit, location and region.

“Poppulo now shows us what channels work best for what audience: so I can see that the field guys really like consuming content on Yammer and the call centre guys like to get information via email. And Poppulo Analytics shows us all that, from one place.”

CEO Communication

“From reducing the amount of rubbish that we send out to changing the way our CEO communicates with staff, Poppulo has really helped us to deliver more effective communications”.

“Just take our CEO communications, Poppulo shows us that employees don’t consume lengthy emails so we changed our approach and started using video blogs – now, more employees are connecting with those important updates”.

Employee experience

“Poppulo allows us to dynamically personalize and tailor communications. It has made a huge difference for our employees – we now only send relevant email. It actually enables us to segment our audience and our content by location, pay grade, area of the business.”

IC control

“With Poppulo’s enterprise capability, we can work with communicators in local markets to ensure content gets tailored for the audience, helping to ensure that important messages get delivered, with local customisation added as required”.

The Head of our Department recently commented that if all our suppliers were like Poppulo, our jobs would be ten times easier.

— Matt Scott, Centrica

The Results

Multiple channels, all in one place

“Poppulo’s Analytics is really helping us to measure the true value of our employee communications, across all our channels”.

Enterprise management

“Poppulo is really helping our global communicators to work more cohesively together”.

Support and service

“My favorite thing about Poppulo is the support that we receive from the team”.

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