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The challenge

Brittany Prue, Internal Communications Coordinator, heads up internal communications for the medical center. Prue and her team regularly send out emails, but they also recently introduced an internal app to reach clinicians and staff members who don’t work from a desk.

Through the app, the internal communication team sends out communications daily – often multiple times per day. Included are policy updates, employment opportunities, and the cafeteria menu.

Adirondack Medical has also introduced a COVID-19-19 dashboard within the app to give updates on how many cases the hospital is seeing, how many staff members have been tested, and the overall number of cases in the region and country at large.

Prior to introducing the mobile app, the team at Adirondack Medical communicated with the team via an email newsletter. Although email engagement was high and staff enjoyed the emails, Prue knew that a multi-channel approach would allow staff to choose how they wanted to engage.

When we sent out emails, we got a lot of feedback from those working in administration, but much of our staff, such as nurses and radiologists, were not regularly checking email.

— Brittany Prue

The solution

The team decided that a mobile app would be a great option. Combined with email, the app would help Adirondack Medical build a multi-channel strategy that reached everyone.

Brittany and her team chose Poppulo as a solution and began a pilot. Brittany began by selecting employees in different roles so she would understand how the mobile app was received by each audience. She chose people from IT, Plants Ops, administration, nurses, and those from HR. She then used their feedback to roll out a robust app that could be used by all staff members.

Along the way, she was supported by Poppulo. Brittany liked that she didn’t have to take care of any of the technical work. The team at Poppulo walked her through the process.

Poppulo has been really great. Any time I had an issue, our customer support contact was always in touch really quickly. The support offered was a huge win from working with Poppulo.

— Brittany Prue

Implementing a mobile app via Poppulo has revolutionized internal communications for Adirondack Medical. The team now has a multi-channel strategy that can reach everyone.

The senior leaders are really pleased with the new solution, finding it incredibly useful for disseminating information, such as for weather alerts during winter snow storms.

  1. Ability to push out information instantly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a need to disseminate information rapidly, especially at a medical center. The mobile app gives the team the ability to get information out as soon as possible, notifying all staff members.
  2. A staff excited to engage with communications. Some staff members that previously did not show much engagement, such as nurses, were suddenly able to participate. They were excited about the opportunity to gain access to information via an app.
  3. A platform for more growth. Now that the app has been implemented, Brittany and her team are coming up with new ideas for how to engage employees. They’re considering photo contests and other engagement activities.

There’s a lot of information that people need that’s
on the app, and the information is right there in their hand. They can seek it out themselves. They don’t have to go to a computer or log into the intranet. It’s designed in a way that is super easy to use.

— Brittany Prue

Top takeaways

  1. Use a pilot to collect feedback. So much of Adirondack Medical’s success was due to a carefully thought out pilot program. This program allowed the internal communications team to test the waters, collect feedback, and ensure the mobile app was a valuable resource for the team.
  2. A new channel might be the best way. Rather than trying to reconfigure the email program, the team at Adirondack Medical decided it might be best to try a whole new channel. A mobile app combined with email turned out to be the key way to reach everybody.
  3. Don’t assume everyone consumes information in the same way. The team noticed that some staff members, such as those in administration were highly engaged with email, while others, especially clinical staff who are not regularly at a computer, needed another way. It’s easy to assume everyone consumes information in the same way, but this is not the case. That’s why Adirondack Medical continues to rely on a multi-channel approach.

The app has given us confidence that we’re doing a good job getting information out to people. I don’t think you can over communicate with your team, and the app provides an easy way to send and receive information.

— Brittany Prue