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This Central Florida Basketball Team’s Fan Experience is a Slam Dunk With Poppulo's Visual Communications Cloud

Enhancing the fan experience

This Central Florida Basketball Team’s Fan Experience is a Slam Dunk With Poppulo's Visual Communications Cloud

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Early on, the team realized that due to their large fan-base, a solution dedicated to providing continuous fan engagement was a necessity. In addition to that initiative, the central Florida basketball team also needed a way to highlight the various premium amenities located throughout the arena and drive advertising revenue at the same time.

Since the venue opened in 2010, the NBA team has operated an extensive Visual Communications network to address those needs. The team’s network is comprised of over 1,100 screens of various sizes as well as the largest high-definition scoreboard in any NBA venue and a large-format display wall targeting passing traffic. When their legacy Visual Communications software could no longer handle the magnitude of dynamic content, the Florida basketball team turned to (Poppulo).

The Challenge:

Near the end of the five-year contract with their original digital signage software provider, the Florida professional basketball team approached (Poppulo). They sought a Visual Communications solution that could keep up with their franchise-leading technology, multiple endpoints, advertising goals and fan experience.

The NBA team needed a more powerful content management system with a straightforward user interface. They had been battling a nearly 20% content failure rate with the legacy system and required a precise and reliable scheduling system capable of reducing that rate. The team was also looking for robust reporting tools in order to provide advertisers with concrete metrics. They required a single solution for all of their challenges.

The Solution:

After an extensive testing process, the central Florida NBA team selected the (Poppulo) Visual Communications platform to replace their legacy system based on its intuitive interface and flexible capabilities. The transition was handled efficiently, bolstered by ongoing support from (Poppulo)’s technicians.

In order to ensure that the team was best positioned to successfully leverage the (Poppulo) platform, the staff in charge of operating the system received a five-day customized training series. They were certified on content scheduling, deployment and reporting best practices, and left the training with the skills needed to help the professional basketball team meet its goals. The Florida NBA team is now able to offer a more catered fan experience and a higher level of value to its sponsor partners, giving the team an edge in a very competitive marketplace.

The Results

(Poppulo)’s enterprise Visual Communications solution is exceeding the team’s expectations. The intuitive software and robust customization features make it easier than ever for them to create engaging content for their large audiences. The team has also seen a drastic decrease in content failure while also gaining the ability to make real-time changes during games—something that was impossible with the previous system.

The Florida team is leveraging the (Poppulo) platform to offer synchronization options and moments of exclusivity to their sponsors. They are also backing up the advertising that they sell with concrete impression metrics. Combined, these features are helping attract more sponsorship opportunities.

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