We regularly assist the internal communications and data privacy teams within organizations, to address and balance their respective requirements.

This is often informed by our experience with the applicable legislation (including state, sectoral and cross-border laws in the USA, or 95/46/EC and GDPR in Europe), and the functional and nonfunctional options within our solution - which assist in complying with those laws.

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Data Privacy Solutions

Functional and nonfunctional options (which assist with data privacy standards compliance) include:


  • Specific Data Processing Agreements or Standard Contractual Clauses (for compliance with contractual data privacy controls)
  • Separate hosting options in Europe and the USA (for compliance with restrictions on the location of data)
  • White papers and best practice guidance (for compliance and balance between IC and privacy requirements)


  • Account level and report level anonymization options (for compliance with data anonymization requirements)
  • Role-based security and authentication (for compliance with least privilege policy norms)
  • Granular management of subscriber preferences (for compliance with consent and transparency expectations)