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Internal Brand Awareness

Internal brand awareness—ensuring your people understand the culture, goals, and benefits of your company—can deliver a serious impact to your company’s bottom line.

Ensuring everyone at your company connects with the organization’s internal brand helps create happier, more engaged employees, increase productivity, and more. ​

Research shows that companies who actively manage their internal brand can reduce employee turnover by as much as 28%.* But to do that, organizations need an effective comms platform, because without the tools to communicate your internal brand, you can’t expect to reduce churn.

Use this quick calculator to find out how much your company could save by ensuring internal brand alignment using the Poppulo Harmony platform.

* Oktopost

Value Calculator


This improvement relates to the percentage you stand to save on churn costs by more effectively communicating your internal brand.


This represents the total cost savings of recruiting, hiring, and training associated with employee churn, assuming an average company revenue of and an average employee salary of .