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Mobile App

Enhance the hybrid employee experience with Poppulo's mobile workplace app.

Enhance the Hybrid Employee Experience

By enabling employees to book office space—when and where they need it—you empower them to play a role in their workplace experience.

A Better Workplace Experience

Make it easy for your employees to navigate your workplace. From intuitive booking to user-friendly wayfinding, our booking and room management tools drive the workplace experience your employees want.

Insights Fueled by Analytics

Measure exactly how your office is being used to identify utilization patterns and make data-driven decisions about your corporate office locations.

Enable Productivity

Empower your employees to reach their flow-state faster. Our all-in-one workplace app lets employees access your workplace and manage their bookings from their mobile device, letting them get right down to business.

Simple But Powerful

Eliminate employees’ scheduling headaches with simple desk and room booking. Whether it’s their desk of choice, a meeting room, a meditation room, a smart locker, or some other shared space, flexible and intuitive booking will save crucial time so they can accomplish more.

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    Digital tools let employees manage reservations anytime, anywhere

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    Easy booking on our app, kiosks, and interactive touchscreens

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    Works with every shared space

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Advanced Navigation Assistance

Give your employees the industry's most user-friendly wayfinding experience to help navigate the workplace, making it easier for your employees to get where they need to be faster—whether it's a specific desk, room, another employee's location, or even another office location. Imagine what that could mean as your office space evolves to meet today's demands.

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    Mobile-powered navigation

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    Interactive color mapping

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    Live point-to-point directions

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Detailed Workplace Trends for Smarter Decisions

Get on-demand data-driven insights and proactively optimize your office real estate. See how employees use the app and your workplace and learn the best path forward for your desk count, meeting room space, and overall workspace allocation.

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    Detailed reporting

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    Employee trend identification

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    Integrates with enterprise-grade BI systems

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Digital Access

Your employees can ditch the need for control keys, cards, and fobs, and enjoy access that’s simpler and faster than ever with our all-in-one workplace app.

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    A secure mobile-based solution

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    From parking to the front desk, enable access with one app

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    Wide range of connectivity capabilities

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Connections for Everyone, Everywhere

Use the same platform that powers your room and desk booking to communicate location-specific event information, announcements, or space booking updates to everyone onsite.

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    Targeted updates for specific employee groups

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    One message shared on our mobile app and interactive in-office digital displays

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    Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Teams


Case Studies

See how the Poppulo Harmony platform helps businesses across the globe.

Creating a Better Employee Experience and Delivering Business Value at National Grid
Creating a Better Employee Experience and Delivering Business Value at National Grid

Creating a Better Employee Experience and Delivering Business Value at National Grid

Advanced analytics and targeted communications are key to achieving company goals


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The Top Two Challenges of Managing a Hybrid Workforce

The Top Two Challenges of Managing a Hybrid Workforce

Remote work has transformed the workplace. While some organizations are planning for a full return to the office, many companies are adapting their office spaces and work policies to embrace the new world of work—a world that is hybrid, flexible, and puts employees at the center of the workplace experience.